Practice + Pancakes: Columbia Men Tackle 30×50 IM, Drag Sprints, and Hoop Jumps

FORM s swim goggles with a smart display. FORM is a sports technology company with a simple mission: to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be. See their Workouts videos here:

I took the train to the upper west side of Manhattan, where the Columbia men kicked things off on a Friday morning with the “Friday Morning Special” (400 free/300 kick w/ fins every 4th 25 underwater, 200 pull, 100 IM).

Then they got things moving with 30×50 like this:

  1. Breast OTB on :45
  2. Back on :40
  3. Fly on :35
  4. Free on :30
  5. Free on :25
  6. DAB (double-arm backstroke) on 1:30

Next they had a monster pull set, which had 2 groups:

Lower set – 400/300, 300/200, 200/100, 100/50 (1st distance pull, 2nd distance swim best effort)

Upper set – 400/400, 300/300, 200/200, 100/100 (same pattern)

They finished up their swimming with 24×25 with fins, where 2 swimmers sprinted a 25 with fins and the 3rd swimmer left right behind them, without fins, and tried to catch their wake.

But the best part of practice was saved for last, as they capped their Friday morning with some jumps off the blocks through hula-hoops.

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Case Chalish
1 month ago

As a junior in HS looking at some of these schools, the practice + pancakes covers the things I care about when looking at schools – the swimming and the food. Keep em’ coming!

Coleman Hodges
Reply to  Case Chalish
1 month ago

just trying to highlight the important things

Texas 5 Life
1 month ago

What the hell is the point of 30 50s IM. LMFAO

Big mac #1
Reply to  Texas 5 Life
1 month ago

It wasn’t really 30×50 IM but rather broken 200 Im work

Reply to  Texas 5 Life
1 month ago

Found the headline reader

1 month ago

Looks fun and hard at the same time! Love these!

1 month ago

Why do they have block covers at an indoor pool? I thought those were usually just for protection against weather

Reply to  thezwimmer
1 month ago

They use them at places so rec swimmers don’t dive off the blocks

Big mac #1
1 month ago

The way he says “uh, I was watching squid game”

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Big mac #1
1 month ago

Should be a spoiler alert on this post, jeez.

1 month ago

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the coach let the guns out on the day Coleman comes to film practice. Dude is yoked

CB 92
Reply to  PVSFree
1 month ago

thats just bolster being bolster.

1 month ago

Coleman do you have any clubs lined up for the return of this series?

Will Cann
1 month ago

I swam for Bolster from 1991-1995. This video is classic Bolster. He is the real deal and I don’t think there is a finer Coach and mentor out there.

Reply to  Will Cann
1 month ago

Great athlete and what a huge family! He is one of 14 kids and his wife is one of 12!

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