Jeanette Ottesen’s Book Admits To Ongoing Bullying Of Lotte Friis

Danish swimmer Jeanette Ottesen has just released her first book today, Thursday, October 20th, with the biography ‘Fri’ documenting the 33-year-old’s life in and out of the pool.

A freestyle and butterfly sprinter, Ottesen has appeared in 5 Olympic Games spanning 2004 to 2020 and has collected nearly 50 medals across all elite international swimming competitions. That resume warrants Ottesen to be known as Denmark’s winningest swimmer in history.

According to the Goodreads description, Fri  ‘is a tale about being the black sheep of the sport, about being doubtful, insecure and excluded. About the pursuit of acceptance and belonging. About his hatred/love affair with the sport of swimming, about financial hardships in a sport where you lose more than you win.’

Along with details on her aquatic triumphs within the book, however, there are details surrounding the ongoing bullying of retired Olympic medalist Lotte Friis at the hands of Ottesen.

Friis, the 2008 Olympic bronze medalist in the women’s 800m free, trained alongside Ottesen at the National Training Center in Bellahøj, which is where the testy relationship took root.

Ottesen’s book conveys that she and other swimmers bullied Friis as ‘a continuous and solid thing for some years’ but also identified the freestyle ace as ‘a classic victim’ of bullying because ‘she did not make it easy for herself.’

Ottesen’s book continues, “she just lets it go, so she eventually becomes someone you automatically laugh at.” (Danish Media site DK)

TV2 received the following comment from Ottesen specific to this section of ‘Fri’. “I am well aware that some will be outraged. But I say it as it is. It would certainly be easier not to, but somehow I’m actually proud to admit that I’ve made these mistakes.” (TV2)

The situation has not gotten past the other party involved, however, as Friis took to social media to make her thoughts known.

“Today I feel more exposed to the whole of Denmark than I have ever been before. It’s MY story to tell, not hers,” said Friis

“By her need to tell what she perceives as the full story, Jeanette has made sure that my future children, colleagues and everyone else can forever read the story of the “victim of bullying” Lotte.”

We will publish additional updates as they become available.

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1 month ago

To release a book depicting Lotte Friis in that manner, seemingly without her blessing, is a continuation of the bullying Jeanette documents. It doesn’t seem like there has been much reflection on her “mistakes” or any effort to reconcile either, it all seems a bit ‘me, me, me’, which is understandable in a book written by Ottesen, but it makes the ‘I made mistakes’ stuff ring very hollow.

Reply to  Dee
1 month ago


Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Dee
1 month ago

Certainly NOT gonna buy or even read her book either.

1 month ago

Annnnnd now I don’t like Ottesen.

Reply to  Devan
1 month ago

thats an understatement for me

1 month ago

This doesn’t seem like a sincere apology so much as deflection and victim-blaming

Coach Tom
Reply to  BadShoulder
1 month ago

Yeah that’s basically exactly what it was. What she just said was one of the most insanely insincere apologies I have ever heard. At no point in her entire, rambling, incoherent, response was she even close to anything that could be considered a sincere apology. I award her no points, and may God have mercy on her soul.

Blume, Lotte, Pedersen >>>>>> Ottesen the Bully
1 month ago

Btw, someone tell her to change her Insta-bio. She’s not Denmark’s most decorated swimmer. Pernille Blume is way more accomplished than her. Most of Ottesen’s medals came from short course europeans, that no one cares about. LOOOOL!!!!

Stewart 100 back gold in Fukuoka

Her bio actually says ‘the most decorated athlete’ lol.
Although one relay bronze medal at the Olympics is still a great accomplishment, it’s hard to paint yourself as the most decorated simply with that.

Last edited 1 month ago by Stewart 100 back gold in Fukuoka
Ledecky will go under 8 minutes in the 800
Reply to  Stewart 100 back gold in Fukuoka
1 month ago

Lmao that’s stupid do Christian eriksen and the Schmeichels just not exist to her anymore

Kasper Schmeichel

I mean Eriksen played for Tottenham so he won even less than Ottesen jus saying :/ (he did win the league with Inter last year tho)

1 month ago

This is basically this Jeanette person is still bullying the victim. And she does it in public now.

1 month ago

Based on Ottesen’s and Friis’ comments
it appears that Ottesen has made no effort to reconcile with Friis, and rather certain that Ottesen did not receive Friis’ blessings to publish this information. Worst still Ottesen is “proud” of her public admission of this wrong even though she clearly hasn’t made any effort to atone for it?

This whole thing seems very narcissistic on Ottesen’s part, my condolences to Friis for having to deal with this.

Last edited 1 month ago by IM FAN
Lil Swimmy
1 month ago

good thing Ottesen flopped at every olympics

1 month ago

What does this fix? Nothing I’m guessing?

Reply to  Hswimmer
1 month ago

potentially her bank account with increased sales but that was a stupid gamble and very insensitive.

Reply to  John
1 month ago

What I find interesting is that this is the chapter that they chose to release early. Is that because they knew it would be the most explosive/attention getting chapter? So far, that part seems right. Or, is this the chapter that Jeanette wanted to be made public because she thought it would make her look like a certain kind of person, and latch on to the “anti-bullying” narrative?

We can imagine that maybe Jeanette and the publisher would have different perspectives on this. Jeanette has the concern of long-term image and marketability. The publisher probably suspects this is the only Jeanette Ottesen book they’ll publish, and if they do another one, that the controversy here would sell more of it… Read more »

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 month ago

I have to read it with help of google translate. but this seems to be where the chapter was shared on the 17th. Not sure who pick the chapter, and according to this article, the book was written by Aleksandar Josevski.

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 month ago

This is not the only chapter they released. She also talks about her first time having sex and it happened in a public restroom. Over Blume she is jealous over her gold in 2016.

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 month ago

This is not the only chapter they released. She also like people to know about the her first sex on a public toilet. She was 13 years old. Please read this link: Ottesen om utroskab og tidlig sex – Ekstra Bladet

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