Pan American Sports Organization Gives Peru Vote of Confidence

On October 11, 2013 it was announced that Lima, Peru was awarded the 2019 Pan American Games, since that point it has not been a smooth implementation of their organizational plan.

After losing out to Toronto in a bid for the 2015 Games the Peruvian committee took what they learned from their disappointment and applied those lessons when constructing their bid for the 2019 Pan American Games. Their planned worked. Out of the 41 delegates on the Pan American Sports Organizing Committee 31 choose Lima to host the games.

At the time it was a moment of joy for many including President of the Peruvian Olympic Committee Jose Quinones, “The Games will do great things for our country and in turn we will do great things for the Pan American family,” he told delegates.

Fast forward 16 months and the situation for Quinones and those in charge of the infrastructure for the Games is not so joyous.

Peru This Week reported Congressman Daniel Abugattás has accused Quinones and the Peruvian Olympic Committee of misappropriating funds of up to 500,000 (USD). That along with with delayed approval of some of the infrastructure needed to host the Games became a great concern to the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO).

PASO met with Quinones at their General Assembly where 41 participating countries gave Lima their vote of confidence.

There are conflicting reports whether Quinones has resigned from his position as the President of the Olympic Committee or if he has only offered to resign as reported by Inside the Games.

PASO will be sending a group to Lima to meet with Peruvian officials and monitor their progress.

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