Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Held Up at Gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro

Update: An IOC spokesperson says that the reports from Ben Way are “absolutely not true” according to the Associated Press, according to Lochte and the USOC. We have reached out to both sides for comment, but have been unable to reconcile the conflicting reports, despite multiple outlets having received the news from Lochte’s mother independently.

Update 2: Ben Way, who initially broke the news, is standing by what he was told by Lochte’s mom.

Update 3: Both Ryan Lochte and representatives of Thiago Pereira have confirmed the incident. Read more here.

Original report:

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was held up at gunpoint in the wee hours of the night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after the conclusion of the swimming events late Friday.

Lochte had been invited to a party by star Brazilian swimmer Thiago Pereira along with 3 teammates who have not yet been identified.

The 32-year old was safely returned to the USA Swimming camp after the ordeal, and called his mother Ileana immediately after being released. She called the ordeal “terrifying.”

Ben Way of Fox Sports in Australia broke the news within the last hour:

The four-time Olympian is the second most decorated swimmer in history behind Michael Phelps. He is the holder of 6 Olympic gold medals, including one from this year where he won gold as part of the Americans’ 800 free relay. He missed the podium in his other event, the 200 IM.

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Lane Four

How many athletes and coaches does that make now who have been robbed or assaulted?

Irish Ringer

It’s too bad they have all the crime because the countries natural resources are beautiful, minus the trash in the water, but again that’s a people problem.


Pretty much the same within american city ghetto, right?
When I went to Rio I never had this kind of problem, but I always stay in cool side of the city and take hotel’s taxi. So maybe “it’s not the smartest idea to go places you’re unsure of.”


No, not the same. An American Ghetto City doesn’t have beautiful natural resources like mountains, beaches, forests, if it did it wouldn’t be a Ghetto. To your point though, Chicago is a good example. There are nice parts of the city and there are parts you don’t want to go to. Not sure why these guys thought it was a good idea to go outside the village.


Unbelievable. This is turning into the worst olympic venue ever. I wonder how many infections will be identified after these olympians compete in their disgusting waters, including the diving well. Yes the diving well, which apparently baffles scientists in Brazil because they claim controlling algae in pools is not an exact science. I feel sorry for Brazilians. Such a laughable venue that cost so much money to build and will be abandoned after the paraolympics.


IT will eventually put them in a deep economic recession – just wait one year to see this happening ( like in Venezuela ) !!!


Econmic problem is popular around the world ,not just only brazil


You’re not wrong, but venezuela isn’t a good example… Greece? Maybe. Everyone forgets that in 2009, Brazil was booming, just cleared a bunch of corrupt officials, and oil was king. When oil dived, their economy did too ( like venezuela). So you’re not wrong? But your argument sucks?


Brazil economy is a one trick pony like Lily King 🙂

Stay Human

Thankfully, Efimova’s a 2-trick pony–busted not once twice for doping, great job! Also lost twice-both her races! As for all the boos she got and losing both her races–karma, babe.


Two individual silver medals to go with those World Championships. Not bad considering the witch hunt and all the nonsense she had to deal with. God forbid someone buy a supplement at GNC or take a medication that their federation teaches them will offset the harmful effects of heavy training.

Of course you don’t know any of that so believe what you will.


i’m pretty sure dwyer was with them per his snapchat

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