North Coast Mixed Open Water Relay Takes Gold At Aussie Championships


  • Wednesday, January 25th – Saturday, January 28th
  • Busselton Jetty, Western Australia
  • Open Water
  • Recap #1
  • Live Results

With the men’s and women’s 5k event on the horizon for tomorrow, competitors took on the mixed 4x1500m relay today at the 2023 Australian Open Water Championships.

The Open Mixed relay saw the team from North Coast race its way to gold, with the squad made up of Kyle Lee, Jack Wilson, Chloe Truscott and Rosie Wilson.

Choosing a female-female-male-male relay order, the Perth-based team hit the timepad in a combined outing of 1:06.58.92.

That resulted in a healthy advantage over a visiting Japanese squad comprised of Riku Ezawa, Kaito Tsujimori, Ichika Kajimoto and Miku Kojima. Japan clocked a mark of 1:08.06.55 to snag silver in this mixed race.

The Australian Open Water team for the 2023 World Championships will be decided at the Australian 10k Championships later this month, as well as the LEN 10k series in March. For Japan, however, we know that Ezawa and Tsujumori are among those already selected to compete in Fukuoka this July.


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