New Documentary, ‘KATINKA,’ In Production to Tell the Story of the Iron Lady

A new documentary is in production to tell the story of Olympic champion and World Record-holder, Katinka Hosszu. The documentary is called ‘KATINKA,’ and you can see content already popping up to promote it on the newly minted Instagram page

The Hungarian superstar won three gold medals at the 2016 Olympic Games, and she’s claimed 15 long course Worlds medals along with countless medals at short course Worlds and both short course and long course Euros. She is known as the ‘Iron Lady’ due to her typical meet lineups that border on the absurd, taking on several events per session, and at nearly any distance and in any discipline.

Having trained in the U.S. at the University of Southern California, and in Hungary (with and without her former coach/husband, Shane Tusup), the 31-year-old has certainly had a storied career.

The Hungarian National Film Institute announced in February the films they would give production support in the near future, a list that includes KATINKA. They have pledged 559.7 million HUF (about 1.6 million Euros) for the documentary. 

Shooting for the film began in February. Now, with lockdowns being lifted in parts of Europe, production looks to be slowly picking back up again.

Hosszu has been preparing for the 2021 Olympic Games without a personal coach, though she’s been in the water through the pandemic, when allowed, with the Hungarian national team.

Filming for KATINKA is taking place in the swimming pool at Budapest’s Duna Arena, which held the 2017 World Championships and has held (and is planning to hold) several other major swim meets. 

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Ol' Longhorn
1 year ago

With guest narration by Yozhik.

1 year ago

she pretty much has her own pool, wouldn’t it be safe for her to practice?
about the film: can’t wait

The Importer AND Exporter
1 year ago

Disappointed it’s not a musical. Could have an edm interlude with Shane Tusup samples from dark horse.

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