New Anti-Doping Rules Lead to Double in Four-Year Suspensions Already

According to “The Anti- Doping Database“, a website that tracks doping suspensions from federations around the world, 24 athletes have been suspended for four years in 2015 so far. That is over twice as many that received a similar suspension last year.

The online doping list only adds names if they are completely aware of the case and know what prohibited substances the athlete has tested positive for.

Although the number 24 is large in comparison to the 10 athletes that were suspended in 2014, it is still half the number from olympic year 2008, where 48 athletes got a 4 year suspension. Since there is often a big lag in deciding on doping suspensions, this should be considered a “mid-year” number.

Increasing maximum suspensions to four years for first offenses are part of the new 2015 WADA rules that were implemented January 1, 2015.

As far back as at least 2012, there have been no four-year suspensions in aquatic sports prior to the rules change. This year, 3 FINA athletes on the international stage contribute to the list of athletes under 4 year suspensions.

These athletes, found on the FINA ineligible list are:

  • Niksa Dobud of Croatia banned for failing to submit to sample collection outside of competition.
  • Nikola Radjen of Serbia banned for the use of cocaine in competition.
  • Arseniy Gvozdeu of Belarus banned for the use metandienone (dramatically increases muscle strength) outside of competition.


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Joel Lin

This is all fine and well, but FINA / WADA above all else need to be consistent case by case, offense by offense. The worst of it is these punishments are not consistent, which is the principal point of hypocrisy involved with all things FINA.

Joel – it’s actually very, very rare for either FINA or WADA to hand out suspensions, though they more frequently contest suspensions.

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