Nevada Wins 13 Events in 190-106 Win over UC Davis

UC Davis vs. Nevada

  • Oct. 26, 2019
  • Davis, California
  • UC Davis def. Nevada 190-106
  • Results

Courtesy: Nevada Athletics

RENO, Nev. – Now 4-0 in dual meets, the Nevada swim and dive program continues to dominate in the pool. The Pack took the meet, 190-106 over the Aggies of UC Davis on Saturday afternoon.

Of the 16 traditional events, Nevada won 13 including both relays and both diving events. The A relay squad, put together by Imogen Watson, Wiktoria Samula, Josien Wijkhuijs and anchored by Ileah Doctor won the first event of the day, the 200 medley relay, with a time 1:43.26.

Next was the distance swimmers in the 1000 free. The race turned out to be quite interesting as it came down to the final 50 between Alexa Markl and Caitlyn McHugh, but Markl just out touched McHugh to take first with a time of 10:46.14.

Nevada continued it its winning ways with the next three events taking first and second and going one, two, three in the 100 breaststroke with Samula leading the way with a time of 1:02.96. Doctor took her first individual event, the 50 free with teammate Andressa Cholodovskis and Watson in second and third. Samula recorded a win in her second event of the day, the 200 breaststroke before Cholodovskis won the 500 freestyle.

Donna dePolo won both the 200 free and the 200 IM along with helping the B relay in the medley relay to take second. Rounding out the day was the divers who won both events; Jessie Nowotny won the 1-meter while Laura Isabel Vazquez Lopez won the 3-meter. Linnea Sorensen finished third in both events.

Now on the schedule for Nevada is another home dual meet, this time against Boise State on Saturday, Nov. 2 starting at 11 am in Lombardi Pool. It will be a match up against the lone team that beat Nevada in a dual setting last year.

Courtesy: UC Davis Athletics

DAVIS, Calif. — A pair of freshmen posted wins in their collegiate debuts while senior Jamie Pincin set a career collegiate best in winning the 100 free on Saturday morning, as the UC Davis women’s swimming and diving team opened its 2019-20 campaign in a dual against Nevada at Lombardi Pool in Reno, Nev.

The Wolf Pack led wire-to-wire en route to a 190-106 victory, winning 13 of the 16 events and sweeping the podium in five of them.

San Jose, Calif., native Sophia Sebastian posted the Aggies’ first win of the day with a time of 2:09.60 in the 200 fly, edging out Nevada’s Julia Adamczyk by .03 for the top spot, with classmate Ashley Ma finishing third (2:11.64) and senior Olivia Smith adding two more points with a fourth-place finish (2:12.84).

Three events later, Pincin came through with her career-best time for her first win of the season, touching in a time of 53.20 to take home nine points for her team, with freshman Anna Lee standing on the podium with a time of 53.66 after finishing fourth in the 200 free.

Newcomer Jay Jay Eaton made her Division I debut with a win in the 100 fly, touching in a time of 57.92 to edge Nevada’s Imogen Watson by .05 for the win.

Sebastian finished with 13 individual points scored to lead UC Davis, while freshmen Julie Kwan and Maggie Malloy scored points in all three of their individual events, finishing with eight on the day.

In all, 11 different freshmen contributed points to the Aggie cause, including divers Reanna Agah and Sydney Wren — the former finishing second on the 3-meter board with a score of 285.08, and the latter ending the day third on the 3-meter and fourth on the 1-meter.

Oct. 26, 2019 • Lombardi Pool (Reno, Nev.)

Team Scores – 1. Nevada 190; 2. UC Davis 106

Women’s 200 Yard Medley Relay – 1. Nevada “A” (Watson, Samula, Wijkhuijs, Doctor), 1:43.26; 3. UC Davis “A” (Cunnan, Facey, Eaton, Pincin), 1:47.62; 5. UC Davis “D” (Sebastian, Pride, Leisten, Engs), 1:51.05; 6. UC Davis “B” (A. O’Brien, Fasan, Ma, Larson), 1:51.25; 7. UC Davis “C” (Greenberg, Cho, Murff, Thomas), x1:51.79.

Women’s 1,000 Yard Freestyle – 1. Alexa Markl, Nevada, 10:46.14; 3. Maggie Malloy, UC Davis, 10:51.21; 4. Kathryn Bockman, UC Davis, 11:03.13; 5. Hayley O’Brien, UC Davis, 11:06.54; 6. Leah Timmerman, UC Davis, x11:09.34.

Women’s 200 Yard Freestyle – 1. Donna Depolo, Nevada, 1:54.87; 3. Olivia Smith, UC Davis, 1:56.76; 4. Anna Lee, UC Davis, 1:57.55; 7. Macayla Thomas, UC Davis, 2:02.05; 8. Mia Leisten, UC Davis, x2:03.29.

Women’s 100 Yard Backstroke – 1. Josien Wijkhuijs, Nevada, 57.07; 3. Julie Kwan, UC Davis, 59.46; 5. Olivia Greenberg, UC Davis, 1:00.51; 6. Mia Cunnan, UC Davis, 1:00.79; 7. Ashleen O’Brien, UC Davis, x1:01.72.

Women’s 100 Yard Breaststroke – 1. Wiktoria Samula, Nevada, 1:02.96; 4. Dani Fasan, UC Davis, 1:08.61; 5. Rachel Pride, UC Davis, 1:08.87; 6. Amelia Cho, UC Davis, 1:09.08; 7. Taylor Scobey, UC Davis, x1:12.08; 8. Theresa Nowack, UC Davis, x1:14.14.

Women’s 200 Yard Butterfly – 1. Sophia Sebastian, UC Davis, 2:09.60; 3. Ashley Ma, UC Davis, 2:11.64; 4. Olivia Smith, UC Davis, 2:12.84; 6. Allison Hodge, UC Davis, x2:23.20.

Women’s 50 Yard Freestyle – 1. Ileah Doctor, Nevada, 23.95; t4. Anna Lee, UC Davis, 24.54; t4. Mia Facey, UC Davis, 24.54; 6. Jamie Pincin, UC Davis, 24.75; 7. Jessica Larson, UC Davis, x25.25; 9. Sophie Murff, UC Davis, x25.38; 10. Eloise Engs, UC Davis, x25.45.

Women’s 1-Meter Diving – 1. Jessie Nowotny, Nevada, 326.38; 4. Sydney Wren, UC Davis, 291.98; 5. Katie Truong, UC Davis, 263.40; 6. Reanna Agah, UC Davis, 252.23; 7. Amanda Chau, UC Davis, x228.68; 8. Alisha Miller, UC Davis, x225.15.

Women’s 100 Yard Freestyle – 1. Jamie Pincin, UC Davis, 53.20; 3. Anna Lee, UC Davis, 53.66; 5. Mia Facey, UC Davis, 54.02; 8. Eloise Engs, UC Davis, x55.24; 9. Sophie Murff, UC Davis, x55.60; 10. Jessica Larson, UC Davis, x57.25.

Women’s 200 Yard Backstroke – 1. Benedict Nagy, Nevada, 2:05.57; 4. Julie Kwan, UC Davis, 2:08.88; 5. Olivia Greenberg, UC Davis, 2:12.09; 6. Mia Cunnan, UC Davis, 2:12.40; 7. Ashleen O’Brien, UC Davis, x2:13.85; 8. Macayla Thomas, UC Davis, x2:15.33.

Women’s 200 Yard Breaststroke – 1. Wiktoria Samula, Nevada, 2:16.89; 4. Rachel Pride, UC Davis, 2:26.22; 6. Sophia Sebastian, UC Davis, 2:29.59; 7. Dani Fasan, UC Davis, 2:30.31; 8. Amelia Cho, UC Davis, x2:33.16; 9. Leah Timmerman, UC Davis, x2:33.35; 10. Taylor Scobey, UC Davis, x2:35.61.

Women’s 500 Yard Freestyle – 1. Andress Cholodovskis Lima, Nevada, 5:10.03; 2. Olivia Smith, UC Davis, 5:14.95; 3. Maggie Malloy, UC Davis, 5:21.49; 4. Kathryn Bockman, UC Davis, 5:21.62; 5. Hayley O’Brien, UC Davis, x5:31.05.

Women’s 100 Yard Butterfly – 1. Jay Jay Eaton, UC Davis, 57.92; 3. Ashley Ma, UC Davis, 58.37; 4. Mia Leisten, UC Davis, 1:00.83; 5. Ashleen O’Brien, UC Davis, x1:02.63; 6. Allison Hodge, UC Davis, x1:04.82; 7. Laura Lampron, UC Davis, x1:05.15.

Women’s 3-Meter Diving – 1. Isa Vasquez Lopez, Nevada, 362.63; 2. Reanna Agah, UC Davis, 285.08; 3. Sydney Wren, UC Davis, 280.80; 4. Katie Truong, UC Davis, 277.13; 5. Amanda Chau, UC Davis, x255.75; 6. Alisha Miller, UC Davis, x242.25.

Women’s 200 Yard IM – 1. Donna Depolo, Nevada, 2:07.00; 2. Sophia Sebastian, UC Davis, 2:14.86; 3. Julie Kwan, UC Davis, 2:15.51; 4. Maggie Malloy, UC Davis, 2:16.18; 5. Leah Timmerman, UC Davis, x2:18.38; 6. Taylor Scobey, UC Davis, x2:19.49; 7. Rachel Pride, UC Davis, x2:20.15; 8. Laura Lampron, UC Davis, x2:26.59.

Women’s 400 Yard Freestyle Relay – 1. Nevada “A” (Wijkhuijs, Doctor, Berkenfield, Jasko), 1:35.88; 2. UC Davis “A” (Pincin, Facey, Lee, Cunnan), 1:37.54; 3. UC Davis “B” (Fasan, Ma, Murff, Larson), 1:40.58; 4. UC Davis “C” (Thomas, Bockman, Engs, Hodge), 1:44.38.

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