NCAP Breaks Third National Age-Group Record Of The Night At NCSAs With Boys 200 Medley Relay Win

Through just one session at the NCSA Junior National Championships in Orlando, NCAP swimmers have broken age-group records in every male event on the program for day one.

In the last event of the night, the men took down the 200 medley relay record. Three of the swimmers on that team broke the record in the 200 freestyle relay beforehand.

James Shebat, John Jones, and Andrew Seliskar, who all swam on the aforementioned freestyle relay,  paired up with breaststroker Carsten Vissering to put together a time of 1:26.47. That broke both the 15-18 age-group mark as well as the 17-18 record.

Both standards were held by SwimMac Carolina at 1:28.29.

Shebat led off the relay in 21.87 which happened to be the fastest backstroke split of the evening. Vissering followed Shebat’s lead, dropping a very fast 24.18 to extend on the lead.

Enter Seliskar, who clocked in a swift 20.38, a time which would prove to be fast on most relays in the NCAA, solidifying their chances at a record. Jones came home in 20.04.


  • John Shebat 21.87
  • Carsten Vissering 24.18
  • Andrew Seliskar 20.38
  • James Jones 20.04

For full meet results click here.


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samuel huntington

this relay could be much faster – I imagine something like 21.6, 23.7, 20.0, and 19.5. In fact adding up splits they did at various high school meets is significantly faster than the time they went tonight.


To lend further support to the comment above, here are these swimmers’ splits from Metros or states.

Shebat – 21.71
Vissering – 23.89
Seliskar – 20.24
Jones – 19.80
Total: 1:25.64


Also keep in mind that all four of them (including Vissering who was on a B relay) swam the 200 free relay before. Granted, its just a 50, but with separate pools for genders, not a ton of rest. So that combined with the noise makes it more impressive they were able to break it by that much.

The starts were very much affected by the noise, especially the final heats. Jones looked super tentative in the free relay… he didn’t even go down on the first take your mark… it was LOUD in there.

But still… wow. SMASH.

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