NCAA Releases Official Men’s NCAA Psych Sheets

The NCAA has released its official psych sheets for the men’s NCAA Championships, including the cut lines for each event. You can see the full cut psych sheets here.

The cutline fell exactly where we projected it to go, with all of line 28 making the show along with a handful of swimmers in line 29. The alternates are as predicted, led by Grand Canyon duo Daniil Antipov (200 fly) and Youssef El-Kamash (100 breast).

A refresher on how that process works: The NCAA will go through, event by event, and add one swimmer to each, until a certain “line” (aka, all 30th-ranked swimmers) puts the field over the maximum 235 individual entries (270 total minus 35 places for divers). At that point, swimmers will be invited based on who is the closest to the NCAA Championship Record in their event from the next line (in this case, line 29). If you want to look at the full procedure, check section 2.4 of the NCAA Pre Championship Manual. Once a swimmer is invited in an individual event, they can swim up to 2 other events in which they have “B” cuts.

See Updated Invite Lists, as of March 13th, here.

Official Lists

Cal leads the qualifiers with 17 individuals, and they’ll add at least one diver, with Connor Callahan qualifying out of Zones this week. Texas and Stanford have 15 swimmers apiece, and have both qualified divers as well – 3 for Texas and 2 for Stanford. Divers count as half a roster spot, with each team holding a roster limit of 18 for the NCAA meet.

Number of Invited Swimmers By School

Rank School # of Entries
1 California 17
2 Texas 15
2 Stanford 15
4 Michigan 14
5 Florida 13
6 NC State 12
7 Virginia 10
8 Georgia 9
9 Auburn 8
9 Indiana 8
9 South Carolina 8
9 Louisville 8
13 Texas A&M 7
13 Arizona St 7
15 Arizona 6
15 Southern Cali 6
15 Alabama 6
15 Ohio St 6
15 Missouri 6
15 Tennessee 6
21 Harvard 4
21 Florida St 4
23 Notre Dame 3
23 West Virginia 3
23 Virginia Tech 3
23 Georgia Tech 3
23 Yale 3
28 Minnesota 2
28 Denver 2
28 Utah 2
28 UCSB 2
28 Hawaii 2
28 East Carolina 2
34 Grand Canyon University 1
34 Cornell 1
34 Missouri St. M 1
34 Loyola University Maryland 1
34 Kentucky 1
34 UNLV M 1
34 Penn 1
34 Towson 1
34 UNC 1
34 GW 1
34 Purdue 1
34 Wisconsin 1
34 Iowa 1

Invited Swimmers By School

Bams, Laurent Alabama 100 Breaststroke
Howard, Robert Alabama 50 Freestyle
Kaliszak, Luke Alabama 100 Backstroke
Reid, Christopher Alabama 200 Backstroke
Staka, Chris Alabama 100 Backstroke
Waddell, Zane Alabama 100 Backstroke
Dobbs, Chatham Arizona 100 Butterfly
Fail, Brooks Arizona 500 Freestyle
Iga, Jorge Arizona 200 Freestyle
Thorne, Nick Arizona 400 IM
Wieser, Chris Arizona 1650 Freestyle
Wright, Justin Arizona 200 Butterfly
Comforti, Danny Arizona St 200 Breaststroke
Craig, Cameron Arizona St 200 Freestyle
Elliott, Reid Arizona St 100 Backstroke
House, Grant Arizona St 200 Freestyle
Lorenz, Christian Arizona St 200 Breaststroke
Porter, Andrew Arizona St 100 Butterfly
Poti, Zachary Arizona St 100 Backstroke
Apple, Zachary Auburn 50 Freestyle
Brewer, Tommy Auburn 100 Breaststroke
Dannhauser, Josh Auburn 1650 Freestyle
Gonzalez, Hugo Auburn 200 IM
Grassi, Santiago Auburn 100 Butterfly
Holoda, Peter Auburn 100 Freestyle
Martinez, Luis Auburn 100 Butterfly
McCloskey, Liam Auburn 100 Butterfly
Carr, Daniel California 200 Backstroke
Coan, Kyle California 200 Freestyle
Grieshop, Sean California 1650 Freestyle
Hoffer, Ryan California 50 Freestyle
Hoppe, Connor California 100 Breaststroke
Jensen, Michael California 50 Freestyle
Josa, Matthew California 100 Butterfly
Julian, Trenton California 200 Butterfly
Lynch, Justin California 100 Butterfly
Mefford, Bryce California 200 Backstroke
Norman, Nick California 1650 Freestyle
Quah, Zheng California 200 Butterfly
Sand, Carson California 100 Breaststroke
Seliskar, Andrew California 200 Breaststroke
Sendyk, Pawel California 50 Freestyle
Thomas, Mike California 200 Butterfly
Whittle, Matt California 200 Breaststroke
Evdokimov, Alex Cornell 100 Breaststroke
Farber, Sid Denver 50 Freestyle
Loncar, Anton Denver 200 Backstroke
Arentewicz, Jacek East Carolina 200 Breaststroke
Santos, Gus East Carolina 100 Butterfly
Baqlah, Khader Florida 200 Freestyle
Beach, Clark Florida 200 Backstroke
Brady, Andrew Florida 500 Freestyle
Dressel, Caeleb Florida 50 Freestyle
Lawless, Ben Florida 1650 Freestyle
Lebed, Alexander Florida 200 IM
Main, Bayley Florida 100 Backstroke
Manganiello, Blake Florida 1650 Freestyle
Rooney, Maxime Florida 200 Freestyle
Sanders, Grant Florida 400 IM
Switkowski, Jan Florida 200 IM
Szaranek, Mark Florida 200 IM
Taylor, Michael Florida 200 Backstroke
Kaleoaloha, Kanoa Florida St 100 Butterfly
Mylin, Chad Florida St 50 Freestyle
Pisani, Will Florida St 50 Freestyle
Polianski, Max Florida St 200 Butterfly
Acevedo, Javier Georgia 100 Backstroke
Bentz, Gunnar Georgia 200 Butterfly
Burns, Aidan Georgia 400 IM
Forde, Clayton Georgia 400 IM
Guest, James Georgia 200 Breaststroke
Higgins, Walker Georgia 500 Freestyle
Litherland, Jay Georgia 400 IM
Murphy, Camden Georgia 200 Butterfly
Said, Youssef Georgia 100 Backstroke
Ferraro, Christian Georgia Tech 200 Butterfly
Loschi, Moises Georgia Tech 200 Breaststroke
Pumputis, Caio Georgia Tech 200 Breaststroke
Nikolaev, Mark Grand Canyon University 100 Backstroke
Hokfelt, Gustav GW 100 Backstroke
Farris, Dean Harvard 200 Freestyle
Houck, Logan Harvard 1650 Freestyle
Novak, Brennan Harvard 500 Freestyle
Tan, Steven Harvard 100 Butterfly
Aydin, Metin Hawaii 200 Backstroke
Kokko, Olli Hawaii 100 Breaststroke
Blaskovic, Bruno Indiana 100 Freestyle
Brock, Levi Indiana 100 Breaststroke
Fantoni, Gabriel Indiana 100 Backstroke
Finnerty, Ian Indiana 100 Breaststroke
Khalafalla, Ali Indiana 50 Freestyle
Lanza, Vini Indiana 200 Butterfly
Pieroni, Blake Indiana 200 Freestyle
Samy, Mohamed Indiana 200 Freestyle
Smith, Jack Iowa 100 Freestyle
Jones, Isaac Kentucky 500 Freestyle
Acosta, Marcelo Louisville 1650 Freestyle
Albiero, Nicolas Louisville 100 Backstroke
Barna, Andrej Louisville 50 Freestyle
Claverie, Carlos Louisville 200 Breaststroke
Gurevich, Etay Louisville 400 IM
Harting, Zach Louisville 200 Butterfly
Somov, Evgenii Louisville 200 Breaststroke
Sos, Daniel Louisville 400 IM
Cono, Ben Loyola University Maryland 100 Breaststroke
Al-Yamani, Mokhtar Michigan 200 Freestyle
Auboeck, Felix Michigan 500 Freestyle
Babinet, Jeremy Michigan 100 Breaststroke
Borges, Gus Michigan 50 Freestyle
Cope, Tommy Michigan 200 Breaststroke
Jones, James Michigan 100 Butterfly
Montague, Jacob Michigan 100 Breaststroke
Peek, James Michigan 50 Freestyle
Powers, Paul Michigan 50 Freestyle
Ransford, Pj Michigan 500 Freestyle
Smachlo, Miles Michigan 200 Butterfly
Swanson, Charlie Michigan 400 IM
Vargas Jacobo, Ricardo Michigan 500 Freestyle
White, Evan Michigan 200 IM
Becker, Bowen Minnesota 50 Freestyle
McHugh, Conner Minnesota 100 Breaststroke
Alexander, Nick Missouri 200 Backstroke
Grimes, Carter Missouri 400 IM
Hein, Daniel Missouri 100 Backstroke
Lima, Giovanny Missouri 200 Freestyle
Schreuders, Mikel Missouri 200 Freestyle
Wielinski, Jacob Missouri 1650 Freestyle
Bish, Blair Missouri St. M 100 Breaststroke
Bretscher, James NC State 200 Butterfly
Held, Ryan NC State 50 Freestyle
Hensley, Noah NC State 100 Backstroke
Ipsen, Anton Oerskov NC State 1650 Freestyle
Izzo, Giovanni NC State 100 Freestyle
Knowles, Eric NC State 500 Freestyle
McIntyre, Jack NC State 1650 Freestyle
Molacek, Jacob NC State 100 Freestyle
Ress, Justin NC State 50 Freestyle
Stewart, Coleman NC State 100 Backstroke
Stuart, Hennessey NC State 200 Backstroke
Vazaios, Andreas NC State 200 Butterfly
Plaschka, Justin Notre Dame 100 Butterfly
Whitacre, Robert Notre Dame 200 Backstroke
Yeadon, Zach Notre Dame 1650 Freestyle
Abeysinghe, Matthew Ohio St 100 Freestyle
Barone, Jack Ohio St 100 Breaststroke
Delakis, Paul Ohio St 200 Freestyle
Lense, Noah Ohio St 200 Butterfly
Loy, Andrew Ohio St 200 Freestyle
Painhas, Henrique Ohio St 200 Butterfly
Andrew, Mark Penn 400 IM
Amaltdinov, Marat Purdue 200 Breaststroke
Almeida, Brandonn South Carolina 400 IM
Bekemeyer, Cody South Carolina 1650 Freestyle
Davila, Rafael South Carolina 1650 Freestyle
Goldfaden, Itay South Carolina 100 Breaststroke
Mahmoud, Akaram South Carolina 1650 Freestyle
Minuth, Fynn South Carolina 500 Freestyle
Peribonio, Tom South Carolina 400 IM
Wich-Glasen, Nils South Carolina 200 Breaststroke
Carter, Dylan Southern Cali 200 Freestyle
Condorelli, Santo Southern Cali 50 Freestyle
Glinta, Robert Southern Cali 100 Backstroke
Mulcare, Patrick Southern Cali 200 Backstroke
Tribuntsov, Ralf Southern Cali 100 Backstroke
Vissering, Carsten Southern Cali 100 Breaststroke
Anderson, Matt Stanford 100 Breaststroke
Calloni, Johannes Stanford 1650 Freestyle
DeVine, Abrahm Stanford 200 IM
Dudzinski, Ryan Stanford 100 Backstroke
Egan, Liam Stanford 500 Freestyle
Ho, Benjamin Stanford 200 Backstroke
Liang, Alex Stanford 400 IM
Liang, Andrew Stanford 100 Butterfly
Ogren, Curtis Stanford 400 IM
Pastorek, Brennan Stanford 200 Breaststroke
Perry, Sam Stanford 100 Freestyle
Poppe, Hank Stanford 100 Breaststroke
Shoults, Grant Stanford 500 Freestyle
Sweetser, True Stanford 1650 Freestyle
Zdroik, Brad Stanford 100 Butterfly
Coetzee, Ryan Tennessee 100 Butterfly
Decoursey, Kyle Tennessee 50 Freestyle
Dunphy, Matthew Tennessee 100 Breaststroke
McHugh, Sam Tennessee 200 IM
Reilman, Joey Tennessee 200 Freestyle
Stevens, Peter Tennessee 100 Breaststroke
Artmann, Josh Texas 200 Backstroke
Haas, Townley Texas 200 Freestyle
Harty, Ryan Texas 200 Backstroke
Jackson, Tate Texas 100 Freestyle
Katz, Austin Texas 200 Backstroke
Larson, JohnThomas Texas 500 Freestyle
Neri, Parker Texas 500 Freestyle
Newkirk, Jeff Texas 200 Freestyle
Pomajevich, Sam Texas 200 Butterfly
Ringgold, Brett Texas 100 Freestyle
Roberts, Jonathan Texas 200 Backstroke
Schooling, Joseph Texas 100 Butterfly
Shebat, John Texas 100 Backstroke
Stewart, Sam Texas 400 IM
Yeager, Chris Texas 1650 Freestyle
Bonetti, Brock Texas A&M 200 IM
Castillo Luna, Mauro Texas A&M 200 Breaststroke
Martinez, Jose Texas A&M 200 Butterfly
Olson, Tanner Texas A&M 200 Breaststroke
Tybur, Jonathan Texas A&M 200 Breaststroke
Van Overdam, Austin Texas A&M 200 IM
Walker, Benjamin Texas A&M 200 Breaststroke
Saunderson, Jack Towson 200 Butterfly
Hotchkiss, Logan UCSB 500 Freestyle
Mullis, Billy UCSB 200 Backstroke
McBryan, Michael UNC 100 Breaststroke
Gonzales, Brad UNLV M 1650 Freestyle
O’Haimhirgin, Liam Utah 100 Freestyle
Ungur, Paul Utah 100 Backstroke
Barnum, Keefer Virginia 100 Breaststroke
Casey, Brendan Virginia 400 IM
Clark, Joe Virginia 100 Backstroke
Fong, Zach Virginia 200 Butterfly
Georgiadis, Luke Virginia 200 Freestyle
Giller, Robby Virginia 200 Backstroke
Keblish, Bryce Virginia 100 Butterfly
Magnan, Sam Virginia 500 Freestyle
Otto, Matthew Virginia 200 Breaststroke
Schubert, Ted Virginia 400 IM
Ho, Ian Virginia Tech 50 Freestyle
Stone, Lane Virginia Tech 500 Freestyle
Szabo, Norbert Virginia Tech 200 IM
Armstrong, Jake West Virginia 100 Breaststroke
Di Sibio, Tristen West Virginia 100 Breaststroke
Dixon, David West Virginia 200 Butterfly
Goicoechea, Victor Wisconsin 1650 Freestyle
Greenberg, Aaron Yale 50 Freestyle
Hyogo, Kei Yale 500 Freestyle
Lin, Adrian Yale 200 Freestyle

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Cameron Craig going for the 5 relays!


Never mind, saw him in the 50 free.


I have a feeling, he’s not going to swim the 50
Free! But still, Go Devils…☀️?


psych sheet shows what folks are thinking of swimming…he’s in 50/100/200


Man – what happened to Wisconsin? They’ve really fallen off the map of late. Beata is the only bright spot.

oh boy

Lots of graduations and transfers. This year’s junior class of men started with 10 or 11 and now has 4.


Started with 6 swimmers, now have 4 swimmer? Where’d you get 11


they had a great coach but then fired him.


Which coach are you talking about, Gator?

Tammy Salami

If you’re talking about SW that was a long while ago

Tammy Salami

Wow that’s crazy. New pool, but Hite and coaches need to gain some momentum before then.


Ever since the DERS


That 100 fly heat with Dressel ?

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