NCAA Qualifiers Projection: Texas Men Already Have 21 Under 2020 Invite Times

It’s only December 15th, but the Texas men are already projected over the NCAA roster cap with 21 likely qualifiers.

That’s based on times swum this season that are under the times it took to earn an NCAA invite last year.

The Texas men had 24 swimmers earn times that would have qualified them for NCAAs last year. But the NCAA roster cap of 18 forced the Longhorns to leave a number of those guys off the roster to fit in four likely scoring divers and get under the cap. It looks like they’ll have a very similar conundrum this year, with 21 swimmers already hitting the 2020 invite time in swims so far this fall.

NCAA Qualifying Process

The NCAA selection process is a bit complex. The most-simplified version is that athletes who hit “A” cuts are automatically qualified for the meet. They can also add second and third events where they have “B” cuts.

The remaining “B” cuts are slowly added to the NCAA invite list based on national ranks as of March. Last year, the top 29 men and top 37 women were invited in each event, and the cut lines usually hover in those general areas. We also track “invite times” each year – those are the times of the last swimmer in each event to earn an NCAA invite.

Invite times tend to get gradually faster each year, though they’ll occasionally get a tick slower in a given event. Comparing this year’s national ranks to last year’s invite times gives us a rough idea of which swimmers are in decent shape to earn NCAA invites even if they don’t better their current season-bests.

Note: last year’s NCAA invites were already locked in before the coronavirus pandemic started canceling meets and disrupting practices. So the listed invite times were not affected in any way by the pandemic.

Women Under 2020 NCAA Invite Time

Note: these are all according to the current NCAA event rank database. If there’s a time missing (or a time from a non-collegiate athlete included), make a note in the comment section and we’ll work to verify it.

2020 Invite Time
50 Free 22.21
Name Team Time
Douglass, Kate Virginia 21.42
Thompson, Sarah Missouri 21.76
Keil, Megan Missouri 21.83
Alons, Kylee NC State 21.90
Fa’Amausili, Gabi Georgia 22.08
Grinter, Bailey Tennessee 22.11
Bray, Olivia Texas 22.13
Gantriis, Emily California 22.14
2020 Invite Time
100 Free 48.51
Name Team Time
Douglass, Kate Virginia 46.86
Stepanek, Chloe Texas A&M 47.84
Ivey, Isabel California 48.01
Scott, Morgan Alabama 48.15
Pash, Kelly Texas 48.29
Alons, Kylee NC State 48.42
Gaines, Riley Kentucky 48.46
Thompson, Sarah Missouri 48.50
2020 Invite Time
200 Free 1:45.23
Name Team Time
Madden, Paige Virginia 1:42.39
Pash, Kelly Texas 1:43.61
Gaines, Riley Kentucky 1:43.68
Pfeifer, Evie Texas 1:43.77
Stepanek, Chloe Texas A&M 1:44.40
Scott, Morgan Alabama 1:45.20
Harnish, Courtney Georgia 1:45.22
2020 Invite Time
500 Free 4:41.20
Name Team Time
Madden, Paige Virginia 4:33.09
Pfeifer, Evie Texas 4:35.73
Harnish, Courtney Georgia 4:36.86
Moore, Kate NC State 4:37.94
Braswell, Leah Florida 4:38.69
Forde, Brooke Stanford 4:39.58
McMahon, Kensey Alabama 4:39.84
McNeese, Beth Kentucky 4:40.69
Weyant, Emma Virginia 4:40.92*
Palsha, Peyton Arkansas 4:40.95
Schmidt, Sierra Michigan 4:41.13

*Weyant appears in the NCAA database for the moment, though we’ve previously reported that she’s expected to defer her enrollment and not compete for UVA this season.

2020 Invite Time
1650 Free 16:17.45
Name Team Time
McMahon, Kensey Alabama 15:54.06
Madden, Paige Virginia 16:01.93
Anderson, Olivia Georgia 16:03.61
McNeese, Beth Kentucky 16:04.07
Palsha, Peyton Arkansas 16:06.43
Bauer, Elise Florida 16:07.30
Hierath, Yara NC State 16:07.92
Donohoe, Madelyn Virginia 16:08.05
Stege, Kristen Tennessee 16:08.26
Travis, Chase Virginia Tech 16:09.30
Tankersley, Morgan Stanford 16:09.91
Nguyen, Claire Tennessee 16:14.01
Mathieu, Tylor Florida 16:14.87
Toney, Camryn Texas A&M 16:15.05
Braswell, Leah Florida 16:15.63
Williams, Liberty Louisville 16:16.31
Nunan, Amanda Tennessee 16:16.82
2020 Invite Time
100 Back 52.73
Name Team Time
Berkoff, Katharine NC State 50.40
White, Rhyan Alabama 50.45
Bray, Olivia Texas 51.04
Cook, Julia Texas 51.14
Ivey, Isabel California 51.52
Brooks, Caitlin Kentucky 51.56
Stadden, Isabelle California 51.72
Alons, Kylee NC State 51.81
Walsh, Alex Virginia 51.83
Thompson, Sarah Missouri 51.90
Douglass, Kate Virginia 51.92
Bacon, Phoebe Wisconsin 51.93
Atkinson, Emma Virginia Tech 52.03
Gmelich, Caroline Virginia 52.10
Rees, Meredith Missouri 52.25
Lindner, Sophie UNC 52.27
Bentz, Caroline Virginia Tech 52.68
2020 Invite Time
200 Back 1:53.99
Name Team Time
White, Rhyan Alabama 1:49.30
Stadden, Isabelle California 1:49.77
Berkoff, Katharine NC State 1:50.20
Brooks, Caitlin Kentucky 1:51.55
Moore, Kate NC State 1:51.95
Bacon, Phoebe Wisconsin 1:51.98
Madden, Paige Virginia 1:52.11
Cook, Julia Texas 1:52.40
Lindner, Sophie UNC 1:52.85
Sorenson, Sophie Kentucky 1:53.58
Liberto, Morgan Alabama 1:53.59
Muzzy, Emma NC State 1:53.68
2020 Invite Time
100 Breast 59.98
Name Team Time
Elendt, Anna Texas 58.06
McSharry, Mona Tennessee 58.28
Hartman, Zoie Georgia 58.34
Wenger, Alexis Virginia 58.69
Rajic, Ema California 58.93
Walsh, Alex Virginia 59.02
Dellatorre, Danielle Georgia 59.22
Porter, Cecilia Florida 59.22
Wheeler, Kaylee Louisville 59.25
Podmanikova, Andrea NC State 59.28
Keating, Anna Virginia 59.32
Brathwaite, Katrina Missouri 59.51
Raab, Allie Stanford 59.75
Halmai, Petra FGCU 59.85
Calegan, Olivia NC State 59.88
2020 Invite Time
200 Breast 2:10.12
Name Team Time
Elendt, Anna Texas 2:06.04
Hartman, Zoie Georgia 2:06.34
Walsh, Alex Virginia 2:06.72
Dellatorre, Danielle Georgia 2:06.81
Podmanikova, Andrea NC State 2:06.99
Raab, Allie Stanford 2:07.15
Rajic, Ema California 2:07.16
Nelson, Ella Virginia 2:07.19
Keating, Anna Virginia 2:07.26
Wenger, Alexis Virginia 2:07.79
McSharry, Mona Tennessee 2:08.03
Yager, Alexis Tennessee 2:08.14
Arens, Abby NC State 2:08.21
Herrmann, Vanessa Arkansas 2:08.78
Foley, Sally Duke 2:08.96
Halmai, Petra FGCU 2:09.02
Davey, Gillian Kentucky 2:09.07
Brathwaite, Katrina Missouri 2:09.33
Forde, Brooke Stanford 2:09.83
Sheridan, Calypso Northwestern 2:09.91
2020 Invite Time
100 Fly 52.34
Name Team Time
Douglass, Kate Virginia 49.73
Bray, Olivia Texas 50.37
MacNeil, Maggie Michigan 51.22
White, Rhyan Alabama 51.41
Sticklen, Emma Texas 51.49
Alons, Kylee NC State 51.52
Harter, Abby Virginia 51.73
Rothrock, Trude Tennessee 51.77
Ivey, Isabel California 51.77
Nava, Jessica Virginia 52.11
Beil, Mallory Tennessee 52.18
Cuomo, Lexi Virginia 52.22
Arens, Abby NC State 52.25
Gillilan, Coleen Notre Dame 52.27
Watson, Sarah Akron 52.34
2020 Invite Time
200 Fly 1:56.06
Name Team Time
Bray, Olivia Texas 1:52.85
Pash, Kelly Texas 1:53.18
Luther, Dakota Georgia 1:53.34
Harnish, Courtney Georgia 1:53.50
Harter, Abby Virginia 1:53.73
Pike, Taylor Texas A&M 1:53.91
Nava, Jessica Virginia 1:54.36
Sticklen, Emma Texas 1:54.43
Albiero, Gabi Louisville 1:54.59
White, Rhyan Alabama 1:55.07
Klinker, Rachel California 1:55.80
Ulett, Tristen Louisville 1:56.06
2020 Invite Time
200 IM 1:57.31
Name Team Time
Douglass, Kate Virginia 1:50.92
Hartman, Zoie Georgia 1:54.35
Walsh, Alex Virginia 1:54.47
Wilson, Alicia California 1:54.69
Nelson, Ella Virginia 1:54.72
Pash, Kelly Texas 1:55.40
Pearl, Vanessa Florida 1:55.61
Dellatorre, Danielle Georgia 1:55.84
Yager, Alexis Tennessee 1:55.86
Poole, Julia NC State 1:56.19
Harter, Abby Virginia 1:56.22
Quah, Jing Texas A&M 1:57.25
Rothrock, Trude Tennessee 1:57.30
2020 Invite Time
400 IM 4:10.39
Name Team Time
Forde, Brooke Stanford 4:02.90
Wilson, Alicia California 4:04.10
Nelson, Ella Virginia 4:05.02
Ackerman, Kathryn Michigan 4:05.58
Moore, Kate NC State 4:05.61
Pash, Kelly Texas 4:06.16
Yager, Alexis Tennessee 4:08.75
Weyant, Emma Virginia 4:08.82
Quah, Jing Texas A&M 4:09.09
Pfeifer, Evie Texas 4:09.16
Gyorgy, Reka Virginia Tech 4:09.34
Sumida, Duda Louisville 4:09.40
Muzzy, Emma NC State 4:09.41
Davey, Gillian Kentucky 4:09.68
Palsha, Peyton Arkansas 4:10.05
Poole, Lauren Kentucky 4:10.29

By Team:

  • Virginia: 12
    • Douglass, Madden, Weyant*, Donohoe, Walsh, Gmelich, Wenger, Keating, Nelson, Harter, Nava, Cuomo
    • *Weyant appears in the NCAA database for the moment, though we’ve previously reported that she’s expected to defer her enrollment and not compete for UVA this season.
  • NC State: 9
    • Alons, Moore, Hierath, Berkoff, Muzzy, Podmanikova, Calegan, Arens, Poole
  • Tennessee: 8
    • Grinter, Stege, Nguyen, Nunan, McSharry, Yager, Rothrock, Beil
  • California: 6
    • Gantriis, Ivey, Stadden, Rajic, Klinker, Wilson
  • Georgia: 6
    • Fa’Amausili, Harnish, Anderson, Hartman, Dellatorre, Luther
  • Kentucky: 6
    • Gaines, McNeese, Brooks, Sorenson, Davey, Poole
  • Texas: 6
    • Bray, Pash, Pfeifer, Cook, Elendt, Sticklen
  • Florida: 5
    • Braswell, Bauer, Mathieu, Porter, Pearl
  • Louisville: 5
    • Williams, Wheeler, Albiero, Ulett, Sumida
  • Alabama: 4
    • Scott, McMahon, White, Liberto
  • Missouri: 4
    • Thompson, Keil, Rees, Brathwaite
  • Texas A&M: 4
    • Stepanek, Toney, Pike, Quah
  • Virginia Tech: 4
    • Travis, Atkinson, Bentz, Gyorgy
  • Michigan: 3
    • Schmidt, MacNeil, Ackerman
  • Stanford: 3
    • Forde, Tankersley, Raab
  • Arkansas: 2
    • Palsha, Herrmann
  • Akron: 1
    • Watson
  • Duke: 1
    • Foley
  • FGCU: 1
    • Halmai
  • Northwestern: 1
    • Sheridan
  • Notre Dame: 1
    • Gillilan
  • UNC: 1
    • Lindner
  • Wisconsin: 1
    • Bacon

The Virginia women are gearing up for a run at their first-ever NCAA swimming & diving title. They look to have the arsenal to do it, with a dozen swimmers projected to earn invites at this point.

It’s worth noting, of course, that these rankings are heavily skewed towards the ACC and SEC, where meets have been more common in this pandemic-adjusted season. The Big Ten and Pac-12 have competed only sparingly, and should really re-shuffle these ranks as they return to a more full competition schedule.

Men Under 2020 NCAA Invite Time

2020 Invite Time
50 Free 19.32
Name Team Time
Hoffer, Ryan California 18.97
Krueger, Daniel Texas 19.14
Casas, Shaine Texas A&M 19.15
Kibler, Drew Texas 19.16
Seeliger, Bjorn California 19.23
King, Matt Alabama 19.26
Brownstead, Matt Virginia 19.26
Curry, Brooks LSU 19.28
2020 Invite Time
100 Free 42.57
Name Team Time
Krueger, Daniel Texas 41.48
Kibler, Drew Texas 41.92
Brownstead, Matt Virginia 42.03
Curry, Brooks LSU 42.06
King, Matt Alabama 42.19
Urlando, Luca Georgia 42.42
Downing, Dillon Georgia 42.46
Bratanov, Koko Texas A&M 42.55
2020 Invite Time
200 Free 1:34.07
Name Team Time
Kibler, Drew Texas 1:30.57
Smith, Kieran Florida 1:32.75
Theall, Mark Texas A&M 1:32.98
Sannem, Jake Texas 1:32.98
Urlando, Luca Georgia 1:33.33
Foster, Carson Texas 1:33.41
Magahey, Jake Georgia 1:33.50
Larson, Peter Texas 1:33.55
Carrozza, Coby Texas 1:33.67
Bratanov, Koko Texas A&M 1:33.70
Curry, Brooks LSU 1:33.75
Unlu, Baturalp Georgia Tech 1:33.81
Miller, Luke NC State 1:33.83
Callan, Patrick Michigan 1:33.95
Freeman, Trey Florida 1:34.00
2020 Invite Time
500 Free 4:16.49
Name Team Time
Kibler, Drew Texas 4:08.26
Magahey, Jake Georgia 4:10.48
Theall, Mark Texas A&M 4:10.67
Smith, Kieran Florida 4:11.08
Abruzzo, Andrew Georgia 4:13.54
Dant, Ross NC State 4:14.04
Knowles, Eric NC State 4:14.07
Carrozza, Coby Texas 4:14.31
Johnston, David Texas 4:14.38
Zettle, Alex Texas 4:14.39
Yeadon, Zach California 4:14.90
Freeman, Trey Florida 4:15.04
Finke, Bobby Florida 4:15.06
Fail, Brooks Arizona 4:15.35
Callan, Patrick Michigan 4:15.71
Larson, Johnthomas Texas 4:15.80
Larson, Peter Texas 4:16.06
Heasley, Ethan Texas 4:16.06
2020 Invite Time
1650 Free 14:57.07
Name Team Time
Magahey, Jake Georgia 14:33.78
Finke, Bobby Florida 14:34.27
Johnston, David Texas 14:41.46
Reed, Greg Georgia 14:43.69
Zettle, Alex Texas 14:45.56
Knowles, Eric NC State 14:48.06
Heasley, Ethan Texas 14:48.10
Dant, Ross NC State 14:49.72
Curley, Hayden Louisville 14:54.18
Yeadon, Zach California 14:54.66
Neri, Parker Texas 14:54.80
Larson, Johnthomas Texas 14:55.18
2020 Invite Time
100 Back 46.22
Name Team Time
Casas, Shaine Texas A&M 43.87
Jiang, Alvin Texas 45.12
Lasco, Destin California 45.21
Acevedo, Javi Georgia 45.29
Barone, Kyle Georgia Tech 45.30
Staka, Chris Texas 45.71
2020 Invite Time
200 Back 1:41.49
Name Team Time
Casas, Shaine Texas A&M 1:36.54
Lasco, Destin California 1:39.60
Grum, Ian Georgia 1:40.05
Carr, Daniel California 1:40.28
Foster, Carson Texas 1:40.39
Mefford, Bryce California 1:40.45
Marcum, Jake Alabama 1:40.48
Grender, Justin Virginia 1:41.26
2020 Invite Time
100 Breast 52.46
Name Team Time
Olson, Tanner Texas A&M 51.39
Whitley, Reece California 51.54
Corbeau, Caspar Texas 51.57*
Somov, Evgenii Louisville 51.63
Patton, Ben Missouri 51.80
Hunter, Mason Michigan 51.80
Houlie, Michael Tennessee 51.89
Bell, Liam Alabama 52.05
Dalmolin, Jack Georgia 52.25
Puente Bustamante, Andres Texas A&M 52.38
Pumputis, Caio Georgia Tech 52.42
Scheinfeld, Charlie Texas 52.44
Abaliksta, Valdas UNC 52.45

*Corbeau’s time is converted from long course meters in the current NCAA ranks. The NCAA allowed converted long course times to qualify for NCAAs up until 2010. From 2010 to 2015, long course conversions were not allowed, but in 2015, the NCAA reversed course and allowed long course conversions again.

2020 Invite Time
200 Breast 1:54.03
Name Team Time
Whitley, Reece California 1:48.53
Corbeau, Caspar Texas 1:51.59*
Roy, Daniel Stanford 1:51.64
Somov, Evgenii Louisville 1:52.22
Puente Bustamante, Andres Texas A&M 1:52.74
Dalmolin, Jack Georgia 1:52.80
Pumputis, Caio Georgia Tech 1:53.47

*Corbeau’s time is converted from long course meters in the current NCAA ranks. The NCAA allowed converted long course times to qualify for NCAAs up until 2010. From 2010 to 2015, long course conversions were not allowed, but in 2015, the NCAA reversed course and allowed long course conversions again.

2020 Invite Time
100 Fly 45.97
Name Team Time
Murphy, Camden Georgia 44.89
Jiang, Alvin Texas 44.97
Kovac, Danny Missouri 45.07
Urlando, Luca Georgia 45.10
Hu, Ethan Stanford 45.47
Mota, Kayky Tennessee 45.50
Pomajevich, Sam Texas 45.65
Van Zandt, Zac Texas 45.84
Ferraro, Christian Georgia Tech 45.89
2020 Invite Time
200 Fly 1:43.18
Name Team Time
Pomajevich, Sam Texas 1:39.19
Casas, Shaine Texas A&M 1:39.23
Julian, Trenton California 1:39.93
Urlando, Luca Georgia 1:40.67
Murphy, Camden Georgia 1:41.23
Ivanov, Antani Virginia Tech 1:41.73
Albiero, Nicolas Louisville 1:41.84
Harder, Ethan Texas 1:42.18
Brown, Zach NC State 1:42.57
Mota, Kayky Tennessee 1:42.58
Ferraro, Christian Georgia Tech 1:42.64
Crane, Cole Texas 1:42.87
Heasley, Ethan Texas 1:42.90
Koustik, Andrew Texas 1:43.14
Abruzzo, Andrew Georgia 1:43.14
2020 Invite Time
200 IM 1:43.79
Name Team Time
Casas, Shaine Texas A&M 1:38.95
Smith, Kieran Florida 1:41.72
Acevedo, Javi Georgia 1:41.75
Pumputis, Caio Georgia Tech 1:41.90
Foster, Carson Texas 1:41.98
Foster, Jake Texas 1:42.59
Kovac, Danny Missouri 1:42.66
Urlando, Luca Georgia 1:42.84
Schlicht, David Arizona 1:42.97
2020 Invite Time
400 IM 3:44.36
Name Team Time
Foster, Carson Texas 3:35.27
Casas, Shaine Texas A&M 3:38.22
Schlicht, David Arizona 3:40.93
Foster, Jake Texas 3:41.49
Smith, Kieran Florida 3:42.11
Grieshop, Sean California 3:42.69
Abruzzo, Andrew Georgia 3:42.78
Heasley, Ethan Texas 3:43.35
Julian, Trenton California 3:43.44
Johnston, David Texas 3:43.98

By Team:

  • Texas: 21
    • Krueger, Kibler, Sannem, Foster, P.Larson, Carrozza, Johnston, Zettle, J.Larson, Heasley, Neri, Jiang, Staka, Corbeau, Scheinfeld, Pomajevich, van Zandt, Harder, Crane, Koustik, Foster
  • California: 9
    • Hoffer, Seeliger, Yeadon, Lasco, Carr, Mefford, Whitley, Julian, Grieshop
  • Georgia: 9
    • Urlando, Downing, Magahey, Abruzzo, Reed, Acevedo, Grum, Dalmolin, Murphy
  • Texas A&M: 5
    • Casas, Bratanov, Theall, Olson, Puente
  • Georgia Tech: 4
    • Unlu, Barone, Pumputis, Ferraro
  • NC State: 4
    • Miller, Dant, Knowles, Brown
  • Alabama: 3
    • King, Marcum, Bell
  • Florida: 3
    • Smith, Freeman, Finke
  • Louisville: 3
    • Curley, Somov, Albiero
  • Arizona: 2
    • Fail, Schlicht
  • Michigan: 2
    • Callan, Hunter
  • Missouri: 2
    • Patton, Kovac
  • Stanford: 2
    • Roy, Hu
  • Tennessee: 2
    • Houlie, Mota
  • Virginia: 2
    • Brownstead, Grender
  • LSU: 1
    • Curry
  • UNC: 1
    • Abaliksta
  • Virginia Tech: 1
    • Ivanov

For the Texas men, the situation is remarkably similar to last year. The raw qualifier numbers are incredible – it’s only somewhat rare to see a team over the 18-person cap, but to be as far over as Texas is at this point is extremely rare.

On the other hand, the issue for the Longhorns last year was that they had too many single-event scorers projected, where Cal’s smaller group were ultimately seeded to outscore Texas because more Cal swimmers were projected to score in multiple events. Texas also has a lot of guys just barely under the invite times, but well behind the times it typically takes to score at the NCAA meet.

And just as we noted with the women, these ranks really favor the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 right now, because those conferences have competed more. The Big Ten and Pac-12 have slightly stricter rules on practice and competition during the pandemic, so we’d expect those conferences to add a lot more qualifiers closer to the NCAA meet.

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Texas overpowering the distance frees

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I… I feel like “Mayy King” is a typo caused by the y key being right next to the t key 😛

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I thought Emma Weyant was taking a gap year?

Reply to  swimfan210_
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Emma Weyant is not at UVA yet (unless there’s been a change of plans and she’s coming for 2nd semester??)

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