NCAA Mid-Season Meet Week Madness | SWIMSWAM BREAKDOWN

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we preview the upcoming Mid-Season Meet Week Madness as well as discuss last week’s news in swimming. See full list of topics below:

  • 0:00 SwimSwam Breakdown Introduction
  • 0:19 NCAA Mid-Season Meet Week Preview
  • 10:07 Luka & Leon’s Big Records
  • 19:41 Ahmed Hafnaoui Leaves Indiana – Will he ever return to the NCAA?
  • 23:52 Matt Klotz Finishes in Runner-Up Position in Big Brother 25
  • 28:15 David Curtiss, Rachel Stege, and Paige Madden added to 2023-24 National Team


  • 30:15 Is the Cal Women’s Class of 2025 now the best class in SwimSwam ranking history?
  • 35:27 is Katie Ledeckt the Greatest Female Swimmer of All-Time?
  • 39:37 Would you rather see skins races, golden races, or super finals at dual meets?

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3 months ago

For anyone interested the Griffith Uni squad and some others are entered at a small meet this Saturday.

Campbell, Cate
McKeon, Emma
McKeown, Kaylee
Dekkers, Lizzy
Larkin, Mitch
Stubblety-Cook, Zac
Edwards-Smith, Josh
Gough, Bowen
Pallister, Lani
Simpson, Cody
Mackinder, Hayley

Ikee, Rikako
Seto, Daiya

Hodges, Chelsea
Strachan, Lacey—18th-nov

Reply to  Troyy
3 months ago

Jesus how many Olympic and world champs medals are there between that group? Seems like it could be fun.

I want Kaylee to swim a 100 fly PB. She’s 0.04 off having the fastest 4×100 add up. Gorbenko is top.

Reply to  Sub13
3 months ago

She can probably improve her 100 free as well.

3 months ago

Cant wait for the Tennessee Invite

3 months ago

I think Luka will make 1-2 finals at trials, and be a few seconds away from the team but make a HUGE statement for the next quad’s worlds and 2028.

(ala grimes in the 1500 before she shocked everyone in that 800) …. (or maybe he can pull a grimes lol)

Reply to  jess
3 months ago

What time/s do you think he’ll go to final in 1-2 events?

3 months ago

In other news Kolesnikov’s 50 back WR has been ratified.

Reply to  Troyy
3 months ago

The few Ryan Murphy fanboys that are left downvoted this

Not-so-silent Observer
3 months ago

Speaking of Ledecky as GOAT and needing versatility.

Do ppl forget she would race the 400 IM at Stanford and was a former AR/US Open holder until her teammate Ella Eastin took it over that same championship season

3 months ago

Who had a shorter/more controversial NCAA career? Hafnaoui or Matt Sates?

Best swimmers of all time is just a worthless commentary! Why does one have to be the best or 2nd best? You can’t compare generational swimmers for so many reasons. You can’t compare generationAl golfers, basketball players, etc. Both of you didn’t live through any other generations. Swimmers didn’t have the long careers that they do now, rules are different, suits are different, the number of World champs are different, previous Olympics were boycotted, on and on! Last week Australia probably had a tough time deciding their SOY. Mollie or Kaylee? Yet alone Titmus. Katie L wasn’t the best female swimmer last year….probably the 4th best in 2023!… Read more »

Not-so-silent Observer
Reply to  Diehard
3 months ago

But who else, in the modern era (Aka when the US was not just dominating the sport of swimming internationally by default due to lack of proper training and support around the world) is winning races in such dominant fashion as she is in the 800/1000 and 1500/1650 scm/lcm/yrds.

I will add Natalie Coughlin and Tracey Caulkins are my top 3 with Ledecky. But just like you said, it’s based on generational factors. I still feel Ledecky has the slight edge based on top times of all time, her owning most of them in the distance races.

Update: Sjostrom could be in the topic for most dominant female sprinter of all time… And if she was from a country like… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Not-so-silent Observer
Joshua Liendo-Edwards-Smith
Reply to  Not-so-silent Observer
3 months ago

I think the thing is that any criteria for measuring “the greatest of all time” is subjective. Unless a swimmer is first in essentially every conceivable criteria (eg like Phelps probably is) then there’s always going to be subjective opinion involved.

I’m not saying Ledecky isn’t the greatest, but if you wanted to make a case against her you certainly can.
Most Olympic golds: Ledecky has 6 individual golds. One of those is in an event that was only introduced at the most recent Olympics, so previous potential winners never got the opportunity to win it. Take that away and she’s tied with Krisztina Egerszegi. Also take into account that KE won a silver to a later proven “enhancement… Read more »

3 months ago

I would like to see skins at ncaa’s and leon in the 2 free

Reply to  bryan
3 months ago

Do we have psych sheets for this week’s midseason meets yet? I’m afraid this is going to be Leon’s final season swimming NCAA so I hope he swims “off” events like 100 breast and 200 free to take one last shot at the records.

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