NCAA Division III Time Standards For 2017-2018

With the NCAA season picking up in the next few weeks, now is a good time to take a look forward at the time standards for the upcoming NCAA Division III season.

The selection process will go a bit differently this year, with the most notable change being an increase in the women’s cap from 267 to 319. You can read more about that here.

You can view the full standards list (plus invite times from last year) below. We’ve also compiled both men’s and women’s time together below:

Division III
Men   Women
A Standard B Standard Event A Standard B Standard
19.66 20.68 50 free 22.77 23.75
43.46 45.46 100 free 49.54 51.82
1:36.89 1:40.24 200 free 1:47.34 1:52.56
4:20.26 4:33.78 500 free 4:45.33 5:00.62
15:02.59 16:16.65 1650 free 16:27.52 17:33.72
47.32 50.27 100 back 54.12 57.18
1:44.47 1:50.64 200 back 1:56.47 2:03.87
52.11 56.28 100 breast 1:01.79 1:04.95
1:53.85 2:04.80 200 breast 2:13.71 2:22.73
47.19 49.44 100 fly 52.92 56.82
1:45.59 1:51.06 200 fly 1:56.90 2:05.86
1:45.47 1:51.98 200 IM 2:00.51 2:05.78
3:47.19 4:02.37 400 IM 4:13.77 4:31.12
1:22.54 200 free relay  1:35.63
3:03.50 400 free relay  3:29.97
6:47.15 800 free relay  7:39.30
1:31.35 200 medley relay   1:45.69
3:21.32 400 medley relay  3:51.41

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D1 m 100br a 51.74 b 55.39
D3 m 100br a 52.11 b 56.28

I get that invited time will be faster for division 1 but with less # of invites per event for division 3 and the progression over the past few years I wonder if/when d3 will catch up to d1. What happens then?


D1 and D3 standards are calculated differently. D3 A standards are the average of the winning time over the past 3 years, whereas D1 I think is the average of the 5th place time? Either way, D3 has been very strongly skewed in the BR events because of Andrew Wilson. He won the 100BR by about 3 seconds and the 200 by about 8. Once his times are taken out the A cut will drop back more toward where the rest of the events times are.


I don’t think you are correct about the A cuts in Div 3. For example the 2 fly A cut is way faster than what won in the previous three years.


As a father of a senior DIII swimmer, I have seen the DIII times drop as many DI talent swimmers are deciding to swim at a DIII level to gain the complete student athlete experience. Not just Wilson (Emory), but over the past few years Curley (Kenyon) and Anderson (Mary Washington) have been smashing the DIII times. Subsequently the the talent around them has been improving as other swimmers make the same choice. You also have DI swimmers transferring to DIII such as Katz and Rainey at NYU via Michigan, Curley to Kenyon via Florida and so on.


Never realized how much faster DI is than D3. The national record holder in D3 in the 50 free (19.38) and 100free (43.16) is not even an A cut in D1.


You have to take into account that the DIII swimmers are not getting any athletic money and are true student athletes.
Not Olympians, not foreigners etc. The DIII times to make NCAAs are pretty fast and their records are pretty impressive.

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