NC State got their pull ups in at the last session in Austin (Video)

As if NC State wasn’t making enough noise (literally, loudest team on deck) this weekend in Austin, they certainly ended the meet on a high note. As you can view above, one by one as members of the wolfpack swam their last events, they got right back to work without even leaving the pool.

Discovering pull up on the pool deck, one of the coaches noted that the group still had their weekly pull ups to do, which were postponed from Thursday until after the meet. The wolfpack not only embraced the challenge, but inspired several other swimmers on deck to do the same, including 2012 Olympian Breeja Larson, who impressed the group by completing a 1-handed pull up.

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4 years ago


Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
4 years ago

Try: champions

Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
4 years ago

trihard in the chat?

Reply to  anonymoose
4 years ago

Birds in the chat sing Brian McKnight.

4 years ago

Uhhh because NC state is awesome????

Rubber ducky in my bubble bath
4 years ago

Wolfpack making so many STATEments! It’s a red revolution and everyone wants to join to make a Wolfpack STATEment! They say pack by god, well I say Wolfpack by STATEments!! I howl at the moon every time they make a red revolution rise up STATEment. Go pack! PACK!!!

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