Nathan Adrian Talks Testicular Cancer on Today Show

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 5

February 26th, 2019 National, News

5-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Nathan Adrian gave his first big interview on Tuesday morning since being diagnosed with testicular cancer. Adrian has already undergone treatment and been cleared to return to practice, albeit under ‘close surveillance’ by his doctors.

Speaking to the Today Show on NBC on Tuesday morning, Adrian was committed to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

“Heck yea, I’m gonna try!…I’m trying to get back to the Bay area soon as possible so I can hop in the weight room, so I can hop in the pool with my guys and start training again.”

He says that the experience has solidified his relationship with his wife of 4 months Hallie Ivester. “It’s been such an awesome melding of two lives into one. When this [cancer] came, it was certainly this moment of ‘How are we going to beat this together’?”

Watch the full interview below, courtesy NBC News’ TODAY.

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Woke Stasi

It’s great that Nathan Adrian is using his platform to raise awareness for testicular cancer. He’s quite an ambassador. Best wishes for a speedy recovery — and some speedy swims!

Braden: NA has 8 Olympic medals, not 5 (2008: Gold; 2012: Silver, Gold, Gold; 2016: Gold, Bronze, Bronze, Gold).


I give the guy credit for not being bored during the interview. #1 Kotbe couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that a self exam (mostly likely) is what prompted the series of medical events? Nathan was trying delicately not to be blunt. #2 H. Kotbe was surprised to discover Nathan was married (?). A teeny bit of pre-interview research might have prevented that awkward surprise #3 H. Kotbe again….”lets talk quickly about Tokyo…You’re gonna be there?” Yep, because swimmers get to sign up, put their name on the “desired” list and just agree to go. Seriously? The lack of knowledge on the part of the media regarding the sport makes me sad. NBC has the broadcast rights for goodness… Read more »


Her interview and questions were set up as leading questions for the average person on the street who probably has little knowledge of testucular cancer or competitive swimming in general. The majority of the population doesn’t know who Nathan Adrian is. Her interview style is recognizing that.

Hopefully one day men will feel they can be as blunt as women now are about their body parts. Getting rid of the embarrassment can save lives. Kudos to Nathan.

Ol' Longhorn

News flash —- men are pretty blunt about their body parts, and it usually gets them in trouble. Other than that, I agree.


I think it would have been nice if she didn’t call him “Adrian” at the end of the interview.

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