Missy Franklin Will Swim All Freestyle, No Backstroke, at US Nationals

In what will be just her 4th meet back from double shoulder surgery, 5-time Olympic champion Missy Franklin is entered in just the 100 and 200 freestyle for next week’s US National Championships in Irvine, California. That’s a significantly pared-down schedule for the 23-year old without any backstroke events.

Franklin is the 52nd seed in the 100 free (56.32) and the 14th seed in the 200 free (1:58.91). Both times were swum in her only other racing of the last two years – the Mare Nostrum series – with both races coming in the first stop in Canet.

Franklin’s lifetime bests in both events were done at the 2013 World Championships: 53.36 in the 100 free and 1:54.81 in the 200 free. She didn’t have a Nationals qualifying time in the 100 back (1:03.14, off of 1:02.99), though she did in the 200 back (2:13.14, under the requisite 2:15.59).

In her first swimming back, her 200s overall seemed to perform better than her 100s. The 4th seed in the 200 free at Nationals is Mallory Comerford in 1:56.95, which is the target to make the Pan Pacs team. Franklin could place in the top 6 in the 200 free (currently seeded as Allison Schmitt in 1:57.21) at Nationals, and if she’s not bumped by someone at Pan Pacs, could earn a spot on the 2019 World Championship team that way. She’s also still a student, so a couple of USA Swimming’s ‘minor’ national teams, including the 2018 Short Course World Championships, 2019 Pan American Games, and 2019 World University Games are still in play.

Franklin is now training and attending classes at the University of Georgia after swimming 2 years in the NCAA at Cal. She is now a pro, and is no longer eligible to compete for Georgia’s varsity team, but World University Games selection makes no consideration for NCAA eligibility or amateur status.

Missy Franklin’s 2018 U.S. Nationals Entries By Day (Prelims Start Time)

Day 1 – Wednesday, July 25th

  • 100 free – 9:50AM (#52 seed – 56.32)

Day 2 – Thursday, July 26th

  • 200 free – 9:00AM (#14 seed – 1:58.91)


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Good luck Missy! Hoping to see her back in form; I think she has been smart staying off the radar and really keeping expectations at a minimum.


Absolutely she is being coy for sure. Hope she gets a second swim in something!


I’m surprised of how much attention Swimswam pays to Missy Franklin when expectations (as JAMES noticed correctly) are at minimum. When world record holder, Olympic and World gold medalist cannot even make qualifying times it indicates that her form and her prospects are at very low level. And still she gets so much publicity. The real splash in 100/200 free can be made by Allison Schmitt whose return wasn’t expected almost by anybody. That is where expectations are very high, but still … no articles, no pre-nationals review and chances analysis. Ok, let’s talk about Missy. Will she beat Claire Tuggle? Or will she go to compete at WUG at the age of 25. Looks like a right place for… Read more »


remind me again…how many Olympic Gold Medals do you have? I dont think MIssy has to justify her decisions by any of us. She is the only one that knows if she has anything left to give. We shall see in Irvine. If she makes Pan Ams or WUGS, thats great – and is most definitely more of an accomplishment than I had in my swimming career.


previously won gold medals dont count for anything when she gets on the blocks next week. And if you swim fast next summer it doesnt matter what meet you are at. Remember Phelps in summer 2015 didnt make worlds but he claimed world victory at US Summer Nationals and it was pretty sweet.


Missy Franklin has no obligations to justify her decisions by any of us. As don’t have to do it any other of many swimmers who are entering National Championship. I don’t see why her participation in this meet and event selection is a news. Is it just because there was a good chance that she skips this meet all together?
Well she is in. Enjoy the spectacle.
P.S. Was it a rhetoric question or you indeed lost the count of my medals?


Well, it’s not so difficult to see why it’s news SwimSwam may want to write about. I always find comments like yours comical – “why is SwimSwam covering this, it’s not news” … yet, you take the time to stop and post comments about it.

FWIW, I think it’s newsworthy – a former multiple gold medal Olympian at her first Nats since having double shoulder surgery.


If you are the only reader who swimswam is targeting in its business then you are hundred present right. But swimswam most likely wants to have larger audience than just you and may want to have a feedback as any business that depends on clients. What they would do with this information is exclusively their business. But what Mr. Keith did was rude. There was an opinion of one of the visitor of this site on what story he would prefer to read. If you find it harmful to your business you can block such postings. Otherwise there is no reason to be that harsh.


Swimswam editors/writers: please provide justifications and get permission from YOZHIK before writing about any swimmer that you deem news worthy. Bonus point if you can include put-downs of said swimmer. 😛




Only Missy knows what kind of mental and physical shape she’s in, and why she wants to keep swimming.

But, it’s hard for someone that won so big in the past to be satisfied with just competing again and maybe making the finals.

Missy knows how to swim a 200 free, so she’s got a shot in that event.


Stick a fork in her – she done

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