Mission Viejo Nadadores Formidable in Seal Beach Rough Water Swim

The Mission Viejo Nadadores Swim Club was a tough competitor in the 2015 Seal Beach Rough Water Swim held June 13th at Seal Beach. Conditions were pretty close to ideal. The ocean was relatively calm and warm with over-cast skies. The event was held as a USA Swimming and US Masters Swimming joint event, so that swimmers of all ages could attend.

In the three-mile rough water swim, the signature event of the competition, the Nadadores finished one-two overall with Clayton “C.J.” Smith and Dan O’Connor taking the top two spots, respectively, in a very close race with an exciting finish. Smith and O’Connor were neck and neck rounding the pier for the final dash to the finish. Smith had the stronger finish, edging his teammate by 12 seconds by the time they reached the finish line.

The Nadadores also had a dominating presence in the men’s 1-mile race. Orange County Register’s Male Swimmer of the Year, Grant Shoults, easily took the top spot and was followed by Erik Hunter and Trent Pellini, respectively, making a Nadadores sweep overall in the event and in the 15-19 men’s division.

Many of the Nadadores’ top 13-14-year-olds opted to compete in the men’s and women’s 1-mile race instead of the 13-14 age group 1200-yard race. In fact, all of the 13-14-year-old female Nadadores opted to swim in the women’s 1-mile. Solaire Nazarenus-Olson, Ellie Whitney, and Devon Forker, respectively, swept second through fourth place overall and in the women’s 15-19 division, despite their young age.
The Mission Viejo Nadadores always have a strong showing in this event, across multiple age groups. “I always love going to this annual competition, mainly because it’s so great to see our younger swimmers have the opportunity to race in the ocean and hear their stories after their finish. They always have great smiles on their faces when they finish,” Said Nadadores Head Coach, Bill Rose.


Results (MVN is Mission Viejo Nadadores):
Girls 7-8-year-old 200-yard Swim: 1. Choy, Clemence CERR 3:59.23, 2. Hassett, Lauren MVN 4:29.32, 3. Hollis, Giselle MVN 4:32.77.
Boys 7-8-year-old 200-yard Swim: 1. Malloy, Cameron GSC 4:20.67, 2. Gray, Oliver MVN 4:24.40 3 3 Bui, Dustin CCIW 4:35.78, 5. Geis, Anson MVN 4:46.99.
Girls 9-10-year-old 400-yard Swim: 1. Schlom, Jillian POLY 7:04.83, 2. Guyette, Samantha NOVA 7:05.20, 3. Banos, Samantha SEAL 7:08.05, 4. O’Sullivan, Abby MVN 7:28.82, 9. Del Rosario, Sophia MVN 10:30.88.
Boys 9-10-year-old 400-yard Swim: 1. Dodd, Ryder SEAL 6:35.66, 2. Geer, Colin POLY 6:57.15, 3. Banos, Nathaniel SEAL 7:07.36, 4. Hess, Donovan MVN 7:09.61, 10. Hartline, Garrett MVN 8:46.37, 11. Morales-Ostergaard, Dominic MVN 9:13.34.
Girls 11-12-year-old 800-yard Swim: 1. Wright, Makenna SOCAL 13:59.22, 2. Malloy, Morganne GSC 14:11.08, 3. Pinedo, Maya MVN 14:13.34, 9. Chitoori, Shreya MVN 15:38.33, 13. Dilao, Lizzie MVN 17:46.92.
Boys 11-12-year-old 800-yard Swim: 1. Borjal, Alex MVN 12:28.11, 2. Dodd, Chase SEAL 12:32.54, 3. Spees, Bradley NOVA 12:51.01, 4. Morales-Ostergaard, Lucas MVN 13:45.56, 12, Geis, Joseph MVN 18:38.39.
Girls 13-14-year-old 1200-yard Swim: 1. Wiliams, Grace IWV 20:28.72, 2. Kowalchick, Rachael IWV 22:49.63, 3. Tseng, Rachel YOC 22:53.70.
Boys 13-14-year-old 1200-yard Swim: 1. Williams, Jude YST 18:09.18, 1. Samaniego, Brandon NOVA 18:09.18, 3. Medvedev, Michael HOLY 19:28.81, 5. Goh, Ryan MVN 20:41.22, 7. Chute, Dawson MVN 21:38.28, 8. Buneta, Nathan MVN 22:33.02, 10. Walker, Frankie MVN 22:50.62.
Women 15-19 1 Mile Swim: 1. Anderson, Sabrina GWSC, 25:47.88, 2. Nazarenus-Olson, Solaire MVN 25:54.29, 3. Whitney, Ellie MVN 26:00.68, 4. Forker, Devon MVN, 6. Gong, Vicky MVN 26:23.78, 7. Stewart, Alicia MVN 26:29.76, 8. Johnson, Tyler MVN 26:40.76, 10. Ashbrook, Hannah MVN 27:02.69.
Men 15-19 1-Mile Swim: 1. Shoults, Grant MVN 24:43.05, 2. Hunter, Erik MVN 24:06.94, 3. Pellini, Trent MVN 24:08.25, 5. Choi, Andrew MVN 24:36.24, 8. Ascencio, Ryan MVN 26:03.20, 10. Hollis, Gavin MVN 27:45.60, 17. Sorenson, Matt MVN 35:35.05.
Women 25-29 1 Mile Swim: 1. O’Hagan, Jacqueline 33:49.67.
Women 44-49-year-old 1 Mile Swim: 1. Clifford, Kara ROSE, 30:07.16, 2. Sorenson, T. MVN 33:19.66, 3. Williams, Jennifer 37:01.73.
Women 15-19-year-old 3-mile Swim: 1. Salladin, Cathryn FAST 56:56.46, 2. Thuen, Karli SCAT 57:01.05, 3. Zavala, Samantha PASA 57:32.48, 9. Goldman, Mackinsey MVN 1:09:30.88.
Men 15-19-year-old 3-mile Swim: 1. Medvedev, Steven HOLY 53:26.31, 2. Dickinson, Ethan FAST 55:36.52, 3. Derman, Steven MVN 55:37.55.
Men 20-24-year-old 3-mile Swim: 1. Smith, Clayton “CJ” MVN 51:36.49, 2. O’Connor, Dan MVN 51:48.83.
Women 45-49-year-old 3-mile Swim: 1. Kobayashi, Paige UC33 1:19:28.10, 2. Theders, Wendy MVN 1:20:26.91.
Women 50-54-year-old 3-mile Swim: 1. Span, Eileen MVN 1:39:30.54.


Swimming news courtesy of Mission Viejo Nadadores.

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