Mid-Season Week 1 Deep Dive & Golden Goggles Review | SWIMSWAM BREAKDOWN

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we do a deep dive into the first week of Mid-Season meets plus review the 2022 Golden Goggle Awards. See below for full list of topics:

  • 0:00 SwimSwam Breakdown Introduction
  • 1:48 Wolfpack Invite
  • 13:43 Tennessee Invite
  • 22:19 Other Invites
  • 26:00 Golden Goggles – Female Swim of the Year
  • 31:46 Relay Performance of the Year
  • 35:55 Coach of the Year


  • 40:02 Should Carson Foster swim the 500 Free at NCAAs?
  • 46:33 Will LSU’s Women’s 200 Free relay score at the 2023 NCAAs?
  • 49:23 Over/Under – 5.5 Men Will Dip Under 1:45 in the 200 Free
  • 52:54 Should Hailey Tierney Move to #2 in the Class of 2023?
  • 57:26 Should Kaii Winkler Move to #1 in the Class of 2024?

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6 days ago

Just would say there’s been a number of people who’ve had success in the 500 and 400 IM. Just in recent years there’s been Bobby Finke, Ledecky, Brooke Forde, David Johnston, Emma Weyant, Evie Pfeifer, Sean Grieshop, Brooks Fail, and Trenton Julian. So while I agree, Carson would probably be more fresh for the 400IM by doing the 200 IM, it’s not like other people haven’t been successful at this combination.

Reply to  Swimswamswum
6 days ago

Swimmers that do the 500 free and 400 IM are distance swimmers. There are a ton out there.

The most famous is probably Tom Dolan. Used to have both NCAA records for a long time.

6 days ago

Congrats to Yinyin. She has improved IMMENSELY with her speaking fluidity.

Reply to  Nonrevhoofan
6 days ago


(pronounced Yenyen)

Reply to  Braden Keith
6 days ago

My apologies for the misspelling. But the sentiment is real. I should also note that the content was excellent as well.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Braden Keith
6 days ago

unlike all the episodes w/ braden, which are mostly yonyons

(pronounced yawn-yawns! blammo! got eeem!!)

6 days ago

Invites-no mention of Georgia Invite? No love for UF men. I thought Auburn men and women were impressive. The men’s meet was faster than women’s side but Auburn have come a long way in a short time

Golden Goggles-traditionally, it is recognizing THE big of the summer, no matter the category! The only swimmers invited are Olympic, World or Pan Pac athletes. So there is no need to say swimmer of the year at Worlds, just like there is no need to say Coach of the year at Worlds! Now whether Ron or Anthony should have won is a different question. Ron did an excellent job and to develop the group he has brought is AMAZING!

I think the women’s… Read more »

Reply to  Ghost
6 days ago

8free relay*

6 days ago

Does anyone know what Gretchen Walsh time trialed?

Reply to  Noah
6 days ago

Pretty sure it was the 100 fly in 49.8

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