Michael Brooks Named Head Coach of the King Aquatic Club

Jeff Grace
by Jeff Grace 68

July 31st, 2017 News

Michael Brooks has been named the Head Coach of the King Aquatic Club. Brooks, who has been with the North Carolina Aquatic Club and part of the UNC coaching staff for the past year, will be moving west to start the new position in September.

Since beginning his coaching career over 20 years ago in Salt Lake City Brooks has had several successful stops at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, the Brophy East Swim Team and the York YMCA. He has he has been the Coach of the Meet at the YMCA National Championships four times, Middle Atlantic Senior Coach of the Year twice, and Maryland Age Group Coach of the Year twice.

His swimmers have raced to 50 plus YMCA national titles and over two hundred national Top 16 and Top 10 rankings.

“Michael’s skills as a coach represent a lifetime of mastering the art of coaching,” said King’s CEO and Program Director Sean Hutchison. “His habit of learning, in the effort of getting better, is unmatched in the sport. This is evidenced by the success his athletes had from a very small program at York YMCA.”

“Who else has taken a club of under 100 athletes to become a gold medal club?”

Brooks was attracted to the position because of his relationship and tremendous respect for Hutchison, “I’ve known, liked and respected Sean Hutchison for a long time, so I’m looking very forward to swapping notes with him daily and working together for the same goals,” said Brooks.

“I think we share common priorities in swimming and coaching, yet we approach them from different directions and with different and complementary skill sets.  The combination will, I think, be devastatingly effective.”

“I see King as one of the rare programs where technique is valued correctly: as the foundation of high performance.  King has a very strong staff of coaches, and I look forward to working with them to find the best ways to slingshot swimmer development.”

Although Brooks is extremely excited about the new opportunity he will miss many of the people he has been able to develop relationships with over the last year in North Carolina, “I’ve really enjoyed working with the  “Blue group” this past year, getting to know a wonderful group of young achievers.  And of course, Chapel Hill is officially the “Southern part of heaven”.  At UNC I’ve tried to take advantage of the resources (human) that the school has to offer:  a lot of really smart people who are or can be convinced to become interested in helping me improve my thinking and the swimming program.”

On top of his coaching accomplishments Brooks wrote the book Developing Swimmers, which was published by Human Kinetics in 2011.

The King Aquatic Club, which has multiple sites in the Seattle area, is currently a USA Swimming Silver Medal Club with team members competing at both the 2017 World University Games and Junior World Championships later this month.

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expert coach
3 years ago

congrats to a grate coach and club!

3 years ago

Didn’t realize they were looking for a new HC. What happened to Doug? Is this a replacement or an addition/change in structure?

Reply to  Coach
3 years ago

Addition to the organization.

3 years ago

Great move. Great city. Great team. Great coach. Writing on the wall for DeSelm as everyone knows (men finished 7th last year), and while a new coach would likely keep him, no guarantee. Plus I’m sure money is WAY more, but so is cost of living in Seattle

Reply to  Porkchop2244
3 years ago

I wouldn’t factor too much of DeSelm’s challenges into Brooks’s thinking. Brooks is an IKKOS fan (Sean Hutchison’s company) and will benefit from an active support structure like Hutchinson can give rather than DeSelm’s hands off approach to NCAC. Future of UNC men is an entirely different story….

Reply to  Porkchop2244
3 years ago

Hey Pchop: I wouldn’t judge what you haven’t lived first hand. What makes you think Brooks decision had anything to do with DeSelm and UNC? He was head club coach, only volunteer for UNC- barely involved. Don’t assume you have a clue about what you’re preaching, don’t assume Brooks is flawless either.

Reply to  swimrealist
3 years ago

Does DeSelm not control NCAC? Does this control not rest in the hands of the UNC head coach and passes when coaching change occurs? Did the old NCAC coach (Erlenbach now head at successful Wilton Y) not get let go when DeSelm took over. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as a coach in the area this is my understanding. I’m not assuming anything. I’m going off facts. He likely took the job because it’s a better job with more money…but RDU is also a swimming hot bed and a georgeous place to live with better weather and lower cost of living than Seattle. DeSelms job is obviously in question. When you have the worst finishes of both men and… Read more »

Reply to  Porkchop2244
3 years ago

Well PC, you seem to know everything. I guess you’ve been on deck with Michael for the past year? Oh no, that couldn’t be the case, because all of those coaches resigned!

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