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It has been a long road for Michael Andrew, the youngest swimmer to turn pro at the tender age of 14.  Peter Andrew, his coach and father, said:

“I think this (2018 U.S. Nationals) is the beginning of his career…because there is no more age group (swimming)… He’s got to step up.”

Michael did step up at the 2018 U.S. National Championships winning four national titles.  At only 19 years old,  it was a timely breakthrough performance netting him a position on Team USA through the 2019 FINA World Championships.

Michael’s often maligned training method, USRPT (ultra short race pace training), has taken hold in parts of the global swimming community, and it is gaining ground, but many critics stand firm that it does not work, or rather, it only works for the 50 sprints.  I have opinions about USRPT coming from the 1980s era of grinding distance, but it’s hard to argue against Michael’s closing speed to win the 100m breast at U.S. Nationals.

1ST QUESTION:  What do you think about USRPT now, after witnessing Michael’s incremental success over the last 5 years?

2nd QUESTION: Has Michael’s decision to go pro so young turned out as you expected?

3rd QUESTION – PREDICTIONS FOR PAN PACS: Based on the Pan Pac psych sheet, Michael’s swimming 100m breast, back, butterfly, and the 50m freestyle.

100m back and fly – PBs mark a success under the pressure of being on his first USA National A-Team.

100m breast – Getting on the podium is a success against the Japanese block of breaststroke talent.

50m free – Michael nets silver, 21.3.  Caeleb Dressel wins in 21.2. HOWEVER, I’m shaky on this, nervous about my prediction.  Here’s my conflict:  I was on deck at NCAAs to witness Dressel’s 17.6 50y free, and I’ve watched Michael’s back half speed in the 50m free race video at Nationals in Irvine over and over again. Michael is swimming great right now. Dressel’s taper appears to be in question after nationals. I think the extra time/rest will benefit Dressel more in Tokyo.

But who cares what I think… What do you think?

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This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by SwimOutlet.com. Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of SwimSwam.com, a Swimming News website.

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5 years ago

OK and for goodness sake let me be careful here because some earlier comments I made got a good number of (-). I certainly think Michael is one of the U.S. most talented swimmers. I suggested that he might consider adding a coach to help he and his dad in training and many gave me the (-). So let me back up my observation with somethings I saw at nationals. For example, in the 100 fly – after the turn, Michael was the first swimmer to pop up and I counted 22 butterfly stokes to the finish. Dressel took 19. If Michael worked on his turn and streamlined off the wall further he could reduce the number of strokes which… Read more »

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo
5 years ago

Dressel might be 21.2 or 20.8. It really depends if he overtrained or not.

5 years ago

Here’s the thing – Michael could have longevity like Phelps, and I believe Dressel has the same opportunity, simply because these guys are great at all the strokes, which allows them to train different strokes every day versus training all free or back. I think if MA wanted to become a 400 IM’er – he could, but being able to swim 100’s and maybe a 200 every now and then for $**(& and giggles, allows him to expand and develop………plus……moving out to San Diego and swimming outdoors and perhaps adding some training partners, could take him to the next level.

5 years ago

What a great dad! The last part of the video was my favorite. I love the dad’s comment that although he thinks Michael’s best event could become the 200 IM, he is training Michael according to what Michael want to compete for (best in 50 in all four strokes). Awesome! Respect.

Tea rex
5 years ago

Butterfly will be his best stroke.

Reply to  Tea rex
5 years ago

I think he could be the best 100 flyer in the country. He has an amazing stroke.

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo
Reply to  Cobalt
5 years ago

49.86 was achieved by a certain American whose name rhymes with Baeleb.

5 years ago

Does anyone think he may need to get out from under his dad as his coach? I know Michael values his dad very much. But maybe another coach could help him with stroke improvement. Just a thought.

Reply to  franklin
5 years ago

He had the most efficient breaststroke at nationals as per swimswam article. Don’t change coaches. I think they are changing their residence to CA to probably have more access to 50 meter pools as most of his training is 25 meters or yards.

Reply to  franklin
5 years ago

i have always made this comment in the past. I still think he should train a season with another coach just to see what happens. At this point he is committed with his dad so I don’t see it happening and it doesnt look to be hurting him. Maybe we need to reverse the statement and instead propose certain swimmers to go train with Michael. My first nomination would be Ryan Hoffer. Again just to see what happens cause I am curious.

5 years ago

When I first started following the “Michael Andrew story,” I was very critical of USRPT, his lcm results, and he and his father’s belief in an unproven system of training. As he has aged, specifically within the past year as they have shared some of their training habits, I have come to respect their choices more. For example, Dr. Rushall calls for no sort of dryland/weight training program, but I know Michael has mentioned trying some things out and in his videos he uses those rings over his pool. I like that he has really trusted this system, yet he is also not afraid to stray a little bit and experiment with what will help him succeed. As for his… Read more »

5 years ago

A great storyline of one who walks to a different tune. So happy for Michael and wish him continued success!

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