Men’s ACC Prelims Day 3: Two A Cuts Highlight Preliminary Session

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February 28th, 2014 ACC, College, News


  • Dates: Wednesday, February 26th – Saturday, March 1st; prelims 11AM/Finals 7PM (Diving is Feb. 20-22, with the women’s ACC Championships at Greensboro)
  • Location: Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, NC (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Defending Champion: Virginia (6x) (results)
  • Live Results: Available here.
  • Live Video (If available):  Available here.
  • Championship Central

As of last night, Virginia Tech had the lead of 545 points, followed by NC State at 433, and Virginia and Florida State very close together at 402 and 400 points. The scoring includes two diving events, and are technically unofficial. That being said, this meet is shaking out to be very close in the team race.

The morning the 400 IM, 100 butterfly, 200 freestyle, 100 breaststroke and 100 backstroke were contested. Finals will be tonight, in addition to the 400 medley relay. We have done an analysis of the Up/Mid/Downs for tonight here.

400 IM

The field dropped a lot of time from their seeds this morning, to create a very diverse field for tonights A final. Virginia’s David Ingraham swam to an A time this morning of 3:42.94.

UNC got two up in the A final with Alex Gianio at second, 3:45.13, and Patrick Myers in seventh, 3:47.83. NC State is the other school with two schools with Christian McCurdy fourth, 3:45.62, and Mike Camper at 3:48.77 for the eight spot.

Virginia Tech is third with Robert Owen, 3:45.24. Tom Anderson, the initial top seed, is fifth at 3:45.82 for Notre Dame. Duke’s Michael Miller is sixth, 3:46.80.

100 Butterfly

Florida State’s Connor Knight leads the pack tonight with a time of 45.83 – also under the A standard. He is very close to the ACC Meet & Conference record set in 2010 by Tommy Wyher of 45.57.

His teammate Pavel Sankovich is third, 46.44.

NC State fills in the second and fourth spots with Barrett Miesfeld and Soeren Dahl, 46.31 and 46.51. UNC also has a pair with Sam Lewis and Ben Colley at 46.53 and 46.65 for fifth and seventh.

Virginia Tech rounds out the top eight with Morgan Latimer and Nick Temols at sixth and eight, 46.55 and 46.87.

200 Freestyle

Notre Dame’s Frank Dyer clinched the top seed with a 1:33.79 prelims swim – just off the 1:33.58 A standard.

NC State went 2-3-5 with Jonathan Boffa, David Williams and Simoans Bilis. The three finished in 1:34.23, 1:34.76 and 1:34.96. Virginia Tech has two swimmers with Jan Switkowski and Lucas Bureau in the fourth and eight spots, 1:34.92 and 1:35.78.

UNC’s Brad Dillion, 1:35.52, and Florida State’s Kevin Rogers, 1:35.60, wrap up the top eight in the sixth and sevenths spots.

Virginia is without an A finalist tonight. The incoming second seed Parker Camp ‘false started’ in his race this morning, resulting in a disqualification. His time would have been around a 1:35-mid, and would have just got him into the A finals for scoring.

100 Breaststroke

Notre Dame has the top seed again, with Zachary Stephens with a time of 52.79. If he cuts under the A standard, he will break the ACC Meet & Conference record held by Ed Moses since 2000. The record is 52.60, and the A standard is 52.54.

Two more Irish are also in the A final. Colin Babcock, sixth, and Cameron Miller, seventh, finished at 53.36 and 53.37 this morning.

Virginia is second with Yannick Kaeser, 52.88. NC State is third with Ian Bishop, 52.91.

Duke has two swimmers as Hunter Knight, 53.15, and freshman Peter Kropp, 53.55, made it in the fourth and eighth spots.

Virginis Tech has one, with freshman Brandon Fiala at fifth, 53.25.

100 Backstroke

UVa is first with Kyle Dudzinski at 46.06. His teammates Jack Murfee and Luke Papendick also made the top eight in third and sixth, 46.59 and 46.83.

NC State has two up as Andreas Schiellerup, 46.15, and Stephen Coetzer, 46.94, are second and seventh tonight.  Virginia Tech again with two swimmers with Morgan Latimer, 46.69, and Collin Higgins, 47.02, at fourth and eighth.

The 2013 champion and record holder Pavel Sankovich is in fifth, with a morning time of 46.83. His 2013 record stands at 45.86.

UNC fell on the wrong side of the line, with the 9-10-11th seeds this morning.

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