Maxine Clark Claims Two Gold Medals On Day 2 of Ontario Summer Games

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August 09th, 2022 Canada, News, Previews & Recaps


Courtesy: Swimming Canada

ST. CATHARINES, Ontario – The 2022 Canada Games continued Monday at the Eleanor Misener Aquatics Centre at Brock University, with 15 champions crowned on Day 2.

A total of 317 swimmers, Para swimmers and special Olympians are competing at this six-day competition which ends on Friday with open water races at the Welland International Flatwater Centre.

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Women’s 50-m breaststroke
Gold: Grace Lu (Ontario) – 33.36
Silver: Katie Graboski (Alberta) – 33.41 – Personal Best
Bronze: Halle West (Manitoba) – 33.49

Men’s 50-m breaststroke
Gold: Keilen Bellis (Nova Scotia) – 30.17 – Personal Best
Silver: Brodie Khajuria (Ontario) – 30.22
Bronze: Sinan Onur (Québec) – 30.23 – Personal Best

Keilen Bellis on his win: “I have been working really hard on this, it is nice to see that it pays off”

Women’s 50-m breaststroke Special Olympics
Gold: Katie Xu (Ontario) – 51.59
Silver: Teagen Purvis (Manitoba) – 54.21
Bronze: Hailey Borowski (British Columbia) – 55.32

Men’s 50-m breaststroke Special Olympics
Gold: Connor Bissett (Alberta) – 36.09
Silver: Ramon Siytangco (British Columbia) – 36.34
Bronze: Wesley Wilks (Alberta) – 38.10

Connor Bissett on the atmosphere at the Games: “It’s amazing.”

Women’s 200-m butterfly
Gold: Mia West (Manitoba) – 2:17.78
Silver: Lily Zhang (British Columbia) – 2:17.99
Bronze: Ashlyn Massey (Québec) – 2:18.44

Men’s 200-m butterfly
Gold: Max Malakhovets (Ontario) – 2:02.44 Personal Best
Silver: Peter Huang (British Columbia) – 2:03.00 – Personal Best
Bronze: Bill Dongfang (British Columbia) – 2:04.29

Max Malakhovets on his race: “It’s incredibly gratifying, I worked so hard and I had a lot of challenges in the last couple of months with my arm and finally, not only win but do a personal best for the first time in around six months, it’s extremely satisfying.”

Women’s 400-m IM
Gold: Julie Brousseau (Ontario) – 4:47.44 – Personal Best
Silver: Bailey O’Regan (Ontario) – 4:56.80
Bronze: Sienna Angove (British Columbia) – 4:58.64

Men’s 400-m IM
Gold: Sebastian Gonzalez Barboza (Québec) – 4:31.56
Silver: Jordi Vilchez (Ontario) – 4:33.70
Bronze: Timothé Barbeau (Québec) – 4:34.25 – Personal Best

Women’s 100-m freestyle
Gold: Maxine Clark (Alberta) – 56.76 – Personal Best
Silver: Leilani Fack (British Columbia) – 56.85
Bronze: Julie Brousseau (Ontario) – 56.88

Men’s 100-m freestyle
Gold: Antoine Sauvé (Québec) – 52.58
Silver: Chris Weeks (Newfoundland and Labrador) – 52.75
Bronze: Laon Kim (British Columbia) – 52.96

Women’s 100-m freestyle multi-class
Gold: Katie Cosgriffe (Ontario)- 1:05.05
Silver: Breanna White (Alberta) – 1:12.80
Bronze: Allison Gobeil (Québec) – 1:37.53

Katie Cosgriffe: “I think that this experience has been something wonderful and I’m glad that I was able to be a part of.”

Men’s 100-m freestyle multi-class
Gold: Reid Maxwell (Alberta) – 1:04.09
Silver: Cameron Chambers (British Columbia) – 1:01.35
Bronze: Jesse Canney (New Brunswick) – 1:02.02

Women’s 100-m freestyle Special Olympics
Gold: Teagen Purvis (Manitoba) – 1:26.04
Silver: Katie Xu (Ontario) – 1:29.14
Bronze: Bonnie Jean Shade (British Columbia) – 1:29.46

Men’s 100-m freestyle Special Olympics
Gold: Connor Bissett (Alberta) – 58.89
Silver: Thomas Patrick Pelley (Newfoundland and Labrador) – 1:02.88
Bronze: Ramon Siytangco (British Columbia) – 1:06.25

Mixed 4×100-m medley relay
Gold: Alberta (Maxine Clark, Dakota Howard, Nicholas Duncan, Jett Verjee) – 4:02.09
Silver: British Columbia (Natascha Borromeo, Justin Jung, Bill Dongfang, Julie Strojnowska) – 4:02.98
Bronze: Ontario (Alexandar Lackovic, Brodie Khajuria, Jasmine Nicols, Taya Hutchison) – 4:04.85

Team Alberta: “It feels awesome, we all had hard swims throughout the day, we all swam at finals so it’s nice to just bring it home.”

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Canadian swim nerd
1 month ago

You have 3 mistakes in Mixed 4×100-m medley relay Ontario’s team. It actually consisted of:
 1) Lackovic, Alexandar M05    2) Lu, Grace W06         
   3) Malakhovets, Max M05     4) Brousseau, Julie W06

Please give Max Jasmine and Julie their bronze medals back 🙂

Reply to  Canadian swim nerd
1 month ago

Hmm, why Swimswam is not fixing such obvious mistakes in their texts?