Mark Schubert To Return To Mission Viejo As Head Coach

Former U.S. National Team head coach Mark Schubert will return to the Mission Viejo club where he got his start, taking over for retiring head coach Bill Rose.

“This is a great opportunity.  I get to work with Coach Rose for a year.  I’m going to be associate head with him and I’m looking forward to that,” said Coach Schubert.  “To be able to go back and coach at a club I started is like a dream come true for me.”

Schubert originally coached for Mission Viejo from 1972 to 1985, training a small army of Olympians and winning 44 national team titles and multiple ASCA Coach of the Year awards.

“It’s incredibly poetic Mark will be able to complete his career where he made his name.  It’s a wonderful thing for the club, the parents and the community.  The facility that has been such a special place has new life with Mark and an $8,000,000 investment.  This is a masterful selection considering the massive pool renovations.  Mark has the drive, the knowledge, the experience and the passion to further enhance Mission Viejo’s reputation as a swimming mecca.”

Brian Goodell, Mission Viejo Alum, 1976 1500 Free Olympic Champion

From there, Schubert had a few years heading up the Mission Bay Makos Swim Team in Florida before jumping into the college realm with the University of Texas. With the Longhorns, Schubert coached multiple American record-holders as well as two team NCAA titles in 1990 and 1991.

Schubert also spent more than a decade coaching at the University of Southern California for three more NCAA team titles.

“It’s great to see a legend in our sport going back to the beginning, back to the club he put on the national map…and the international map.  It’s going back to the culture he established with national, world, and Olympic champions.  Mark began this tradition of excellence in the mid 1970s, one that impacted the sport globally, and he’ll do it in Mission Viejo again.”

Lenny Krayzelburg, 4-time Olympic Gold Medalist, former USC Swimmer under Coach Schubert

Internationally, he served as USA Swimming’s National Team head coach for a brief stint in 2009-2010, but was terminated from the job for reasons that were unclear at the time.

Since then, Schubert’s time with USA Swimming has factored into a lawsuit between former professional swimmer Dagny Knutson and her former attorney. During his time in charge of the national team, Schubert reportedly promised Knutson and fellow swimmer Kate Ziegler that if they moved to California to join USA Swimming’s new elite training group, that the swimming federation would pay for their tuition to a local school, plus room and board and training expenses. Knutson passed up a roster spot at Auburn University and gave up her amateurism status (and any future college career) to take the deal.

But once Schubert was removed from his post, that deal fell through, and Knutson says only some of the promised costs were covered. Knutson hired an attorney, Richard Foster, who procured the two swimmers a new deal, but Knutson says the new deal was far inferior to the original agreement promised, and eventually sued Foster for not disclosing his legal history and closeness with USA Swimming and important federation figures.

Schubert, for his part, landed as the CEO and head coach at Golden West Swim Club in California, where he was involved in another legal scuffle. This time, former Golden West coach Dia Rianda sued Schubert for wrongful termination, saying she was fired after she complained to USA Swimming about inappropriate behavior by a different coach, Bill Jewell. Jewell was eventually banned by USA Swimming for 3 years, and the suit between Rianda and Schubert was settled out of court.

But the Mission Viejo job is a homecoming for Schubert, who comes full-circle in the club realm with the Nadadores, a nationally-renowned program for some years.

Mission Viejo was in the head coaching market for the first time in decades when longtime head coach Bill Rose announced his retirement earlier this year. Rose, who has been with the club since 1992, will coach through this December of 2017 before stepping back into retirement. That means he and Schubert will coach together for the 2017 calendar year.

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Not Betty

Congratulations to you! My daughter highly respects you as a coach.


How old is Mark?? Seems kinda late in life to want to be taking on this job & all its work?

Watching from the sidelines

I think he’s 67

Age isn’t a factor with certain coaches. Many just get better with age too…. like Eddie Reese.


Quick story….. I just got back from the Eastern States Swim Clinic. Now before this I had only observed Mr. Schubert 3 times previously. I say observed because I don’t know Mr. Schubert at all. How I viewed him in public mainly at coaches clinics although I do remember seeing him at NCSA one time and let’s just say you moved out of his way when walking down a tight hallway. I also never really went up to him and spoke to him but he had always seemed super duper serious, maybe angry but maybe serious. He is a coaching legend after all. Anyway back to this past weekend at the clinic, the guy seemed soooo full of life. Constantly… Read more »

Lane Four

How in God’s name did Mel merit SIX thumbs down???????


Or even Vladi Sapozhkof, Olympic head coach in the 70s and 80s, still producing Olympians today. Even producing age group crushers. (11-14 year old breaststrokers, butterflyers and freestylers… oh, and backstrokers.)


Everyone ages differently, and it’s not right to assume that he can’t handle the work because he’s older. There’s no evidence that his age is an impairment yet. Being older just means he’s had more opportunity to gain experience, which is a good thing. He’s going to be coaching the athletes, not competing against them.

Cynthia mae Curran

I think he is in his 30’s when he took over Mission Viejo which had an age group team before Mark S was coach. . What helped Mark S is Flip Darr had coach a team in Huntington Beach from the late 1960’s to the early 1970’s and Mark got Peggy Tosdel, a top butterflyer at the time and Shirley Bashashoff when Darr went to coach community college instead of the team in Huntington Beach.. Mark totally developed Brian Goodell from an age grouper.

Cynthia mae Curran

I mean Mark S was in his 30’s when he first coach Mission Viejo in the 1970’s.

Cynthia mae Curran

In 1972, at the age of 23, he was offered the co-head coaching position with the Mission Viejo Nadadores Swim Team in California, directing a program of 55. The program grew to over 500 swimmers of all ages and abilities by 1985. Between 1972 and 1985 he amassed an AAU and USS Club National Championship record that proceeded to break Hall of Fame Coach George Haines’ Santa Clara Swim Club record of 43 national team championships. Mission Viejo won 44 team titles including 18 women’s team championships, 8 men’s team championships and 18 combined team championships.
From the internatonal swimming Hall of Fame Bio.

Lane Four

Great history lesson, Cynthia. Great memories!

Brian M

Mark is 66 I believe.


I can tell you after speaking to him at the ISCA Clinic in Tampa…he has fire in his eyes and passion burns in his heart! This is awesome news…now…who’s going to take over Golden West????

Swim fan

One of the age group coaches At the club. Tracy Mauer.


And Coach Vladi Sapozhkof, he was co-Head coach with Mark. Coach Tracy is the temporary senior group coach, until they find an additional coach.

Polly Wog

Left hangin’ NM Coach, Left hangin’

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