Mark Bernardino To Return To ACC As New NC State Assistant

NC State is expected to hire on South Carolina assistant and longtime Virginia head coach Mark Bernardino to fill the vacancy on its coaching staff.

Bernardino spent 35 years as head coach at the University of Virginia, setting ACC records with 16 men’s team titles and 27 overall team titles. He “retired” from that role in 2013, but resurfaced less than a year later in South Carolina, where he was hired as associate head coach. His departure from UVA took many by surprise, prompting a flood of unanswered questions directed at administration.

Over the next few years, he’d help build South Carolina’s distance group into one of the nation’s best. That makes him an ideal fit for NC State’s opening, after associate head coach (and former director of the Wolfpack distance group) Gary Taylor left to take the head coaching role at Auburn.

As NC State has continued to rise into the NCAA’s elite tier on the men’s side, its coaching staff has seen significant shakeups. Virginia (Bernardino’s former coaching home) hired away former Wolfpack assistant Todd Desorbo to head its program last year, with great year-one results. Auburn followed that blueprint by hiring Taylor. Now it appears Bernardino will return to the ACC to coach against his former program of three-and-a-half decades.

Athletes on both teams were informed of the pending hire on Thursday.

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3 years ago

Wow! Big news!

Is it a surprise?
3 years ago

Rumors of this have been floating for a bit now. Kids/recruits talking about it.

3 years ago

Good hire. Very experienced.

Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago


Captain Ahab
3 years ago

Great news for NC State distance freestylers

Al Albertson
3 years ago


3 years ago

There will be no drop in NC States Distance program

Al Albertson
Reply to  Crusty
3 years ago

This may be the final straw that brings the house down for DeSorbo and Co. in Charlottesville. #flashinthepan #itsover

Reply to  Al Albertson
3 years ago

Mark is an exceptional person, and great coach. While C’ville has missed him, things have never been better there! This will improve the quality of the distance programs at both NC State and UVA. Tyler is no doubt excited to have this great competition between the two teams that will continue to push both programs to the top!!

Reply to  Hooville
3 years ago

A NC State hire is gonna improve the quality of the UVA team? Yeaahhhhhh………

Brad Flood
3 years ago

CONGRATULATIONS Mark! So excited to see what you can do in Raleigh and get back to “shakin’ up the ACC”!!!

SEC Swimmer
3 years ago

WOWSERS!!!!!!!!! NCSU!!!!!!

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