Madisyn Cox’s Suspension Reduced to Six Months after Trimetazidine Detected in Multivitamin

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has approved an agreement reducing 2017-2018 USA National Team swimmer Madisyn Cox’s 2-year doping suspension to six months after she was able to establish what had triggered the positive test for Trimetazidine, Cox informed SwimSwam today.  As the initial suspension began March 3rd of this year, she will be eligible for competition next week, on September 3rd.

According to the Cox’s statement and the text of CAS’s consent award, confirming the agreement between Cox and FINA, a WADA-accredited lab in Salt Lake City determined that 4 nanograms of the banned substance were present in both the opened and sealed bottles of Cooper Complete Elite Athletic multivitamin that Cox says she has been taking for seven years, and that she had listed on every doping control form she’s ever had to fill out.

The positive test came in February, 2018, and the FINA doping panel initially gave Cox a 2-year suspension. They cited that, while they found her testimony credible and believed that she did not knowingly ingest the substance, they could not reduce the suspension any further than  2 years without any concrete explanation as to how the Trimetazidine entered her system.

At that time, Cox could only suppose that she had ingested trace amounts of Trimetazidine through drinking tap water in home of Austin, Texas.

In the statement she sent to SwimSwam today, Cox said “I did not immediately test the multivitamin as part of my FINA case because there had never been a recorded case of Trimetazidine supplement contamination in the United States. I mistakenly assumed that the supplement I was taking was extremely safe.”

Cox concluded today’s statement by saying:

The last six months have been a grave and harrowing learning experience that I would not wish on any honest, clean, elite athlete. I know that any supplement – even a multivitamin purported to contain only those ingredients specified on the label and purchased at a local supermarket – can be suspect.

I would advise any athlete who chooses to take supplements to not only consult resources such as USADA’s Supplement 411, but to also make sure that they are third party batch tested to check for any contamination.

I am excited to return to the pool. I also appreciate the support so many people have shown me throughout this trying ordeal.

We asked Cox about any pending legal action against the manufacturer of the supplement, to which she said “we are currently taking everything one step at a time. Finalizing this case has been a burden on me for a while. However, after all is said and done we will move on to consider that step.



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2 years ago

Congratulations to Madisyn and her Family!!! I never doubted her! Honesty is will always prevail.

Reply to  Mary
2 years ago

You are so right! Fina stated her honesty and integrity from the get go! Hate that she had to go through this but hopefully it will help athletes down the road!

25 free champ
Reply to  Mary
2 years ago

So happy for Madisyn but not sure that honesty will always prevail. It did for her but it makes me wonder if there are other athletes who were “caught” doping and never able to clear their name.

Reply to  25 free champ
2 years ago

Unfortunately I’m sure there are.

2 years ago

Science wins as it should. Be careful of the old adage: You are what you eat!

2 years ago

“Test every everything until we find something that has trimetazidine” – Cox’s lawyer

Reply to  Pvdh
2 years ago

Stupid statement! She has been taking it and declaring it since high school.

Reply to  Pvdh
2 years ago

Did you bother to read the decision? This was found as a contaminant in a vitamin supplement that she had declared for years with no prior adverse events.
When your reputation and years of effort are called into question, please sit back and don’t defend yourself. You sound like someone who would be happy to do just that. Maybe you’ve never accomplished anything worth protecting.