Madisyn Cox Nears Best Times in Unofficial LCM Time Trial

The Texas women’s pro group elected to see where they’re at racing-wise following the months-long training interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Madisyn Cox posted on Instagram about racing for the first time in months, and we followed up with her about what exactly this time trial looked like.

Cox told SwimSwam that Texas is training at Waterloo in Austin, which is a pool owned by the father of a former Texas swimmer. The group decided they wanted to try suiting up and racing at practice as a way of trying to get back into the swing of things. Each swimmer chose 3 events to race, and they only raced in every other lane to adhere to social distancing guidelines. It’s not quite the typical Texas time trial that we’re used to seeing, but even so, it’s very exciting to see high profile swimmers in the US being in a place where they can race in any capacity.

For Cox’s part, she elected to swim the 200 free, 200 IM, and 100 back. She told us she swam a 2:00 in the 200 free and 1:03 in the 100 back. In the 200 IM, Cox clocked an impressive 2:14. Those times are surprisingly close to Cox’s personal bests – 1:58.52 in the 200 free, 2:09.03 in the 200 IM, and 1:03.31 in the 100 back. Speaking about how good it felt to race some quick times, Cox noted that she “could’ve gone much slower, and still been happy just to get up and race,” which is something many swimmers out there can probably relate to right now.

Unofficial time trials like these could be popping up more frequently in the coming weeks, which would be a small step towards getting back to “normal” for the sport of swimming. However, we probably need to adjust our perception of “normal” for swimming to include more time trials and virtual meets than regular meets.



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Gymbro Fisher

Now we wait for Kyle Chalmers to call her out for the performance enhancing Austin tap water…


Oh I see I’m late to the comment section…


Funny how no other Austin swimmers tested positive for banned substances though…..


You obviously have no idea what your talking about

Allison, two thoughts:

1) You must have missed the follow-up. While the original explanation, tap water, was pretty outlandish, Madisyn later was able to prove that a supplement she was taking was tainted with an ingredient that wasn’t on the label. So, when people bring up the “tap water” thing, they’re just poking fun at the original explanation; this is not actually what happened:
2) Please adhere to the commenting rules and not use multiple usernames on the same thread, especially in response/support of your own comments, to try and make your points stronger.



2:00 in the 200 free?! Wow. That’s pretty good. Has she been training this whole time? Any interruptions?


Thats dope