Logan Fontaine, Paula Ruiz Dominate 7.5k Race at World Jr OW Champs


In the boys’ 16-17 7.5 kilometer race this afternoon in Hoorn, Netherlands, France’s Logan Fontaine won handily with a final time of 1:25:06.8.

Things were pretty tight at the 2500m mark, with the top 20 or so swimmers all relatively bunched up behind Fontaine. The French 17-year-old made a big push for a sizable lead at the 5000m mark, and ran away with this one.

After Fontaine, two American boys finished for silver and bronze. Michael Brinegar (1:26:54.2) followed up for silver, with Simon Lamar right behind him at 1:26:56.1 for bronze. Both boys are 16 still. Australia’s Bailey Armstrong was 4th, though he was 3rd at the 5000m mark. Brinegar, in 4th at 5000m, made a big push and blew past Armstrong and Lamar for the silver.

Spain’s Paula Ruiz also won big in the girls’ 16-17 race. She was out fast, holding a lead of almost a full minute at the 2500m mark, and only increased her lead as the race went on. Ruiz finished on top at 1:29:55.7, ahead of France’s Oceane Cassignol, who was a distant second at 1:32:31.0. Third went to Dong Fuwei of China (1:32:34.8).

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