Lochte-Phelps Round 1: Video Special

  32 Davis Wuolle | July 28th, 2012 | London 2012 Olympics, News

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Nobody has mentioned that swimming from lane 8 sucks, that’s mentally defeating before you even get on the blocks.

Nelson KU Goldenbear

I’m pretty sure Cullen Jones qualified from an outside Lane for the Olympics this year!….

Justin Thompson

He didn’t say it couldn’t be done but it’s not preferred in most situations. For Phelps to go faster in that 400IM he needs Lochte next to him to feef off of.

I await tonight’s relay before passing any judgment on MP. The stress of accommodating sponsors before the Games and proper training is difficult. In retrospect MP should have had 1 4-hour media day in London and then gone into a cocoon. Tell Costas & Company to interview GBR coach about moving to Tuscaloosa

Mel, please replace Rowdy in Rio!

Angry birds can also replace Rowdy in Rio

US should replace their TV channels in Rio

Do we have to wait until Rio to replace the TV channels?


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