Lochte-Phelps Round 1: Video Special

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The relay is not going to be an easy ‘comeback’ event for Phelps. He’s spent a lot of energy on 2 x 4ims, and now he has to back it up and face Magnussen, who is ready to eat him for dinner. This could get uglier for him before it gets better…

Fenster…I hope you’re wrong. MP unloaded a 48.1 flat-start 100m free in 2010 when he swam that painful 4-IM. True, however, he has focused on the 4-IM this season, but I think his 2-IM will fast. He’s pissed. Lochte/Phelps sub 1:54?

Gold Medal.. Phelps is probably going to have some problems with Pereira also on 2im.. Pereira was focusing all his bets on 400 IM and dropper 5 seconds from his Maria Lenk time on that race.. he will probably go for 1:54 also.. It will be a three man race

correcting.. pereira was focusing all his bets on 200IM! My Mistake

Justin Thompson

Pereira couldn’t sniff a 1:54 with a running start and a shiny suit. It will be a 2 man race and Phelps proved tonight he has some speed.

looks like i am wrong Mel…he’s back on track with that 47.1 split!

I really think the 400 IM is going to affect Phelps psychologically, in the sense where he will begin to question whether or not he prepared enough for the Olympics, without a question Lochte has put in 100%, Phelps not so much, and in the swimming community it’s understood why take the risk of not putting your best effort in prep work, why not give it your all? I think Phelps has gotten too comfortable with his position as the best swimmer in the world lately and figured he could take easy every now and then. He’s accomplished so much but if he knew he was going to retire why not train to make it your best….i.e. He’s been a… Read more »

…best end to a comment yet… “but what do i know. it’s 4 in morning and I’m coming home from the bar…” Ha!

If i was Phelps i would pack my bags and quietly leave the Villiage and disappear from the face of the earth
but i’m not Michael Phelps

Phelps was never a quitter not a coward, I guess you should know that much if you follow swimming. In Athens, he lost 200 IM and his quest for 8 golds was over but he bounced back and won 6 golds. In Rome, Biedermann beat him and his world record and he came back to win butterflies in a fantastic manner.
One lost battle is insignificant if he wins war in the end, as Sun Tzu said. 🙂

Wow, too bad we have no ‘edit’ here. He lost 200 free in Athens, of course.

I think you mean the 200 free, but there he medal’d and broke the american record and he wasn’t the favourite
Last night he sacrificed the 200 free, he sacrificed his freshness for tonight’s relay to get a medal of any colour and for what now???
Believe me it’s a disaster

I thought it was a bad idea from the start to sacrifice 200 free for 400 IM and I said that after Trials. Anyway, Bob was very confident in his interviews, even Troy said MP’s improved greatly and he’ll ‘be there’, so, not sure what happened last night. It’s very unusual for Phelps to be slower than at Trials – I hope he’s not sick or something.
It’s not a disaster, let’s wait till the end of the meet to make our final verdict.

Justin Thompson

But you aren’t Phelps…you haven’t won 14 Golds and won’t win any at this Olympics or any other. Hell you probably can’t even swim, but are like all these other idiots who think because he as one bad race that all of a sudden he can’t win anything. He’ll win the 100/200fly and could very win the 200IM and should pick up Gold in the 4×100 Medley and 4×200 Fr relays. So at the end of the meet 4-5 Golds and 1 Silver is a career haul for any other athlete but an OK performance for Phelps.

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