China’s Ye Shiwen Makes History, 400 IM Analysis

Ye Shiwen (CHN) broke the first World Record of the 2012 London Olympics. At only 16 years of age, Shiwen blew past leader Elisabeth Beisel (USA) in the final 100 meters, posting a ridiculous freestyle split at 58.68 seconds. Shiwen posted a 4:28.43 to best Stephanie Rice‘s world mark of 4:29.45 set at the 2008 Games in Beijing, which was swum in a hi-tech suit.


100 butterfly:  Rice 1:01.47,  Shiwen 1:02.19

100 backstroke: Rice 1:08.36, Shiwen 1:09.54

100 breaststroke: Rice 1:17.42, Shiwen 1:18.02

100 freestyle: Rice 1:02.2, Shiwen 58.68

Coming home in 58.68 looks more like a strong final 100 of a 200 meters freestyle, not a 400 IM. After Sun Yang’s 53.50 closer in the 400 meters freestyle, it’s clear  China’s training regiment is built on investing in a monstrous aerobic base.

Stephanie Rice’s Wortld Record from Beijing:

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Come on

steroids for sure. this is actually not possible..


Oh look, the dirty commies just produced another Drago! And she can’t possibly be THAT good…right? I mean, nobody saw that Lochte slowed down significantly in his last 50m since he had a comfortable lead at the time; so who in their righteous-zionist-mind would think Ye can post a comparable time to that? Watch this video (, pathetic doubters, and look at how explosive she is with her free style; and she was only 14 at the time! Oh wait, one more thing: Michael Phelps dominated swimming in 2008, winning unprecedented 8 gold medals — NO MEN IN HISTORY HAS EVER ACCOMPLISHED THAT, SO LOGICALLY HE MUST BE DOPING AS WELL! [Update: Just received a phone call from Barry Bonds:… Read more »


Sorry – but we’ve seen it all before.

Ahh Yoda – I’d love to agree with you .. . I really would. History argues otherwise.

In track and field Chinese women went from nowhere to the best in history in the distance running in 2 years. Then when the drug testing improved . . . they all “decided to retire” . . . their runners have never approached that level again

In gymnastics they fielded a team of “women” with falsified birth certificates . . . when found out they threw the athletes under the bus.

I would love to believe that they are swimming clean . . . but recent history history makes me seriously doubt it


Lance Armstrong, is he American? he must not dope because he is American and won so many medals. Guys, China afford to hire the best swimming coach in the world from Australia with 4 times salary and have SLOW annual economic growth of 8% this years after near 25 years of double digit growth so sometimes people need to understand that we are not always the best. We are the best but British was the powerhouse two century ago and don’t forgot Rome Empire.

Mike Ross

Norman, who in THIS discussion, is defending Lance Armstrong? I have not read a single post defending Lance, American or not.

Bringing the money issue into this discussion only makes me mistrust Ye’s swim further. Money give incentive to cheat. And it also gives incentive to look the other way.


YES, American overall is the most powerful and richest nation, so are you suggest you mistrust American furthest.


Actually, Rebecca Adlington has done a faster final 50m at the end of an 800m race (28.91 Shanghai 2011). So does that your comment mean she’s doped up too?


Also, this is a guys compression not women but can still show super fast last 50, Zhang lin had a 25.99 split coming home on his 800 free, and paul biedermann split 24.xx coming home in the 400 free world record

Linda Barzini

Two big problems for Yi Shiwen. The first is that China was caught doping throughout the 90’s. In 1998, they were caught going into Australia with enough HGH for the entire team. The large number of female swimmers from China that were busted for doping was a national embarassment. Many of the administrators of this state sponsored “scientific training” regimen are still around. The suspicion hangs heavy, especially when the women significantly outperform the men. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the coaches gave her Epo without her knowing it. I would love to see her hematocrit result (ratio of rbc/serum). I would bet she is outside the 95% norm. The second problem is her blazing fast 58.68 in… Read more »

TX Swimmer

If WADA does not get a handle on this. Its gonna become like a FREAK SHOW!

Philip Johnson

the athletes are simply ahead of the drug testers. in Shanghai there was not one positive drug test.

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