Lilly King Gets A Gift From Russia

American swimmer Lilly King has received a present from one of her Russian supporters – a traditional Russian Ushanka, emblazoned with the red star, hammer, and sickle, typically symbolic of a communism. Her coach Ray Looze posted a photo of the gift on Instagram.

King is known to have a grudge against Russia’s Yulia Efimova, who has failed two doping tests. The first one earned her a 16-month ban and had her stripped of a World Record. Back in 2016, Efimova was allowed to compete in Rio following a last ditch appeal after she tested positive for the now-banned substance Meldonium.

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, King had some choice words in her interviews for her Russian opponent, and made a now-iconic finger-wagging motion when she denied Efimova gold in the 100.

King was waiting in the ready room for her second semifinal, made eye contact with Eflmova, then sparred back with a finger shake and a fierce glare of her own. Later after claiming the top seed for finals, King unloaded on Efimova during a post-race interview.

King said “you’re shaking your finger “No. 1″ and you’ve been caught for drug cheating. I’m not a fan”.

Given King’s past history with Russia, whose citizens scorned her actions in Rio, she was not too thrilled to receive the Ushanka-hat.

King commented on the post saying, “It’s bugged. We must dispose of it properly….”.


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E Gamble
5 years ago

I would autograph it and return it to sender. Just tossing it in a lake is also an option. ?

Swim coach
5 years ago

If she accepts this, does she lose her amateur status?

5 years ago

The true test of character will be when King is no longer at her peak and consistently losing her bread and butter 100 br.

E Gamble
Reply to  LPman
5 years ago

You can’t predict that. She may go out on a high note after a big win.

Coach mary
5 years ago

Ummm. I think that there r a few people who believe those caught cheating TWICE should not be allowed to compete. I lived during the 70’s with all the cheating. Really hurt our sport and has never been righted!!!

5 years ago

Check it for lice!

5 years ago

Soviet memorabilia is very fashionable . I still have 3 mtrs of polyester facric with a dark orange background & Misha from the official Moscow Olympics .range . I like art deco but Soviet art which began in the same period is just so great . Stark lines . I remember whole buildings painted .with workers in hard hats . Thise were the days my friend , we thought they’d never end .

5 years ago

If King were a guy talking smack she wouldn’t be judged as hard. Think Gary Hall Jr. She’s a big star in the sport, like her or not and that helps Swimming!!

Reply to  Moi
5 years ago

I disagree. If a male said the same things she said I have to imagine a lot of people would react negatively.

Gary Hall Jr. was judged. Michael Klim’s air guitar… do I need to say more?

5 years ago

It was probably soaked in clenbuterol with the hopes that she would actually wear it prior to a doping test

Reply to  Taa
5 years ago

That’s what happened to poor Jessica Hardy

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