Ledecky’s 800m Freestyle–Most Dominant Swim of the US Olympic Trials

by SwimSwam 7

July 08th, 2016 Ivy League, Lifestyle

The Dominance Series Sponsored by SwimSpray, a SwimSwam partner.

If you’re Katie Ledecky, you dominate. It’s what you do. Congratulations Katie on posting the most dominating swim of Trials last week.

Katie Ledecky won the race as expected, although a few seconds slower than her season’s best time,. Finishing second was Leah Smith. To put the dominance in perspective, Leah’s swim garnered her status as the 3rd-fastest 800 freestyler in the world with a time of 8:20.18. Incredible swim by any standard. However, her swim was almost 10 seconds behind the leader. Put simply– Ledecky’s win dominated by a margin of 2.01%.

Not only did she dominate the 800 final, she dominated the world rankings. Five swimmers put up #1 world-ranked times at the US Olympic Trials: Ledecky in the 400 and 800, Lily King in the 100 breast, Ryan Murphy in the 100 back, and Josh Prenot in the 200 breast. Of those swims, Ledecky’s 1.57% margin over the world’s 2nd-ranked swimmer is more than twice as dominant as any other.

The second most dominant swim of the meet was Lilly King’s 1.33% victory in the 100 breaststroke. The most dominant male performance was Nathan Adrian’s 1.07% margin in the 100 free.

When it comes to dominating your own personal bests, perhaps no one on the Olympic roster can say more than Gunnar Bentz. Coming into trials seeded 30th, Bentz dominated his seed time by 2.35% to qualify in the 4×200.

Congratulations to all of the US Olympic team! May you dominate your races in Rio!

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“The Dominance Series” is sponsored by SwimSpray-dominating the competition when it comes to chlorine removal; and compiled by Travis Knop, Aimee Schmitt and Andrew Chadeayne.





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4 years ago

Is the NBC video of the entire race available because if my memory serves me correct she kicks with a one leg “gallop” for most of the first 400 meters which is just insane.

bobo gigi
Reply to  HypeTrain
4 years ago
David Lunt
Reply to  HypeTrain
4 years ago

I noticed that as well. She doesn’t kick with her right leg at all and just barely kicks with her left to offset her breathing. Not a bad way to save oxygen but it still boggles the mind that she can have so much speed just pulling.

4 years ago

David Plummer put the number one time in the men’s 100 back in the semis.

Reply to  thezwimmer
4 years ago

52.12 was awesome

Tea Rex
4 years ago

I love that picture by Mike Lewis. It’s cool how you can see the movement of the surface around her head