Lakeisha Patterson Smashes SCM World Record in 400 Free for S8

Australian swimmer Lakeisha Patterson has crushed the S8 World Record in the 400 short course meters freestyle swimming at the 2016 Austrlian Short course National Championships. In the timed-final, multi-class race on Friday morning, Patterson swam a 4:42.98, which blows away the existing record done 7 years ago by American Jessica Long at the 2009 IPC World Championships. Long’s swim was a 4:46.56.

This summer, Patterson won the S8 400 free in long course at the Paralympics and broke the World Record in 4:40.33. This is a unique event where the long course World Record is actually faster than the short course World Record (in fact, it was even before Patterson broke both this year – Long had previously held them both).

Patterson won the race in the multi-class format that assigns points to each swim based on their relative proficiency as compared to their class. She’s also already grabbed a win and World Record in the 100 free (1:06.62) this week as well, and she placed 4th in the 50 free (31.22) behind Taylor Corry.

Patterson’s summer included 5 Paralympic medals, 2 of which were gold, in her first Paralympic Games.

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This Lakeisha Patterson ‘success’ story becomes more insulting by the day. At least Maddison Elliott has a mild form of Cerebral Palsy which affects her physically, albeit very, very mildly. Lakeisha Patterson on the other hand is a complete and out right fraud.

Let’s not get too carried away with Short Course success though – no one really bothers to compete much. What is interesting though is that Patterson broke the WR on the back of a post Rio break from training.

There’s nothing ‘disabled’ about this swimmer, nothing – an able bodied swimmer stealing opportunity from the disabled, nice job ‘Lucky’ and your Australian support crew!!!


And so the farce goes on.
A world record swim following a solid break from training after Rio.
Is this ever going to end?
Patterson and Elliott will just continue to break their own world records over and over while the other S8s watch on without a hope of ever matching them.
The IPC couldn’t care less despite the ridiculous “we take IM very seriously” and apparently no consequences for the support staff involved with those videos.
Journalists too scared to touch it because it is politically incorrect to criticise “disabled” people.
I’m sure Patterson is very self satisfied with her “fame” and seems not to have the insight to realise that she is well known for all the wrong reasons.


Class is up for review next year….we will see what happens then. I am not that surprised by the times as I would guess she would go a lot faster in peak form


Both Patterson & Elliott are up for review next year. Both 18, adults. Both were classified twice within a 3 month period with the same results each time – Patterson S7, Elliott S9. Both reclassed during first swim Patterson up to S8 during breastroke and Elliott down to S8 during backstroke. The ‘swim twins’ classifications will indeed be very interesting. I’m sure the IPC will manage to find a junior classifier who hasn’t heard of either of them and will be easily bullied by the Australian support team. What a farce.

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