LA County Lifeguards Wins 26th Consecutive National Title

CAPE MAY, N.J. (Aug. 11, 2011) — The Jersey Mike’s United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) National Lifeguard Championships continued in Cape May, N.J. on Friday, with Open Champions in American Ironman and Ironwoman, Surf Ski, Run-Swim-Run, Board Rescue, Taplin Relay and Beach Relay.

At these National Championships, more than 1,000 professional and junior lifeguards from across the country competed for individual and team honors in water and beach course events that challenge their lifesaving skills. LA County Lifeguard Association finished with 630 points; a slim lead over second place finisher Monmouth County Chapter (613.5 points), coming down to the final race.

Several teams and individuals were able to repeat, protecting Open finishes from last year’s nationals. Winners that won in 2011 and again in 2012 include: Brian Costello (Smith Point, N.Y.) – Men’s Beach Flags; LA County Lifeguard Association, Calif. – Women’s Rescue Race; Brian Murphy (LA County Lifeguard Association, Calif.) – Ironman and Men’s Board Race; Lindsay Kenney ( Delray Beach, Fla.) – Women’s Board Race; Shelley and Sherry Griffith (Boca Raton, Fla.) – Women’s Surf Boat; Matt Nunnally (Monmouth County Chapter, N.J.) – American Ironman.

For age group champions from Saturday’s events, visit: Open results from Saturday’s Jersey Mike’s National LifeguardChampionships follow:

AMERICAN IRONMAN: Competitors cover a 1,400 meter (approx.) course that includes a swim leg, a board leg, a solo surf boat and a beach sprint finish.

Men’s Open:

1.   Matt Nunnally – Monmouth County Chapter, N.J.

2.   Ryan Matthews – Monmouth County Chapter, N.J.

3.   Nathan Humberston – Ocean County, N.J.

AMERICAN IRONWOMAN: Competitors cover a 1,400 meter (approx.) course that includes a swim leg, a board leg and a three-leg run.

Women’s Open:

1.   Lindsay Kenney – Delray Beach, Fla.

2.   Taylor Spivey – Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association, Calif.

3.   Jennifer Noonan – Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association, Calif.    

SURF SKI: Competitors steady their skis in line in knee-deep water about 1.5 meters apart. Competitors paddle their skis around the apex course marked by three buoys in a clockwise direction and return to finish when any part of the ski crosses the in-water finish line-ridden, gripped or carried by the competitor. Competitors may lose contact with their ski without necessarily being disqualified.

Men’s Open:

1.   Brian Murphy – Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association, Calif.

2.   Phill Lloyd – Destin, Fla.

3.   Rich Sprout – California State Lifeguard Association, Calif.

Women’s Open:

1.   Caroline Pierre – Canada

2.   Sherry Griffith – Boca Raton, Fla.

3.   Kaitlyn Shemenski – Jax Beach, Fla.

BOARD RESCUE RACE: One member of the team swims 120 meters (approx.) to a designated buoy, signals and waits to be picked up by the second member of the team on a board. The both paddle to shore and cross the finish line on the beach with the board. Competitors must start from the correct allotted position. Competitors swimming to and signaling from the wrong buoy shall be disqualified.

Men’s Open:

1.   Matt Nunnally & Ryan Matthews – Monmouth County Chapter, N.J.

2.   Shane Scoggins & Collin Baratte – California State Lifeguard Association, Calif.

3.   Tom O’Neill & Brian O’Neill – Riis Park, N.Y.

Women’s Open:

1.   Taylor Spivey & Tandis Morgan – Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association, Calif.

2.   Kristen Purdy & Christa Narus – Smith Point, N.Y.

3.   Hayley Masi & Hannah Elliot – Monmouth County Chapter, N.J.

RUN-SWIM-RUN: From the start line, competitors run to pass around the turning flag and enter the water to swim out to and around the buoys. Competitors swim back to the beach to again run around the turning flag before running to the finish line.

Men’s Open:

1.   Pat Kilgallen – Riis Park, N.Y.

2.   Kyle Wilson – Fire Island Ocean Rescue, N.Y.

3.   Stephen Benvenuto Jr. – Monmouth County Chapter, N.J.

Women’s Open:

1.   Kristen Purdy – Smith Point, N.Y.

2.   Taylor Spivey – Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association, Calif.

3.   Caren Guyett – Ocean County, N.J.

2K BEACH RUN: Competitors race 2,000 meters on the beach in two 1,000 meter legs as follows: on the starting signal, competitors race along the left side of the lane to round the turning pole 1,000 meters distant, and return 1,000 meters toward the starting pole, then race to cross the finish line. The finish is judged on the competitor’s chest crossing the finish line. Competitors must finish on their feet in an upright position.

Men’s Open:

1.   Jonathan Cuomo – Smith Point, N.Y.

2.   Marshall Hawkins – Sussex County, Del.

3.   Joe Kotran – Monmouth County Chapter, N.J.

Women’s Open:

1.   Courtney Dooley – Smith Point, N.Y.

2.   Kira Garry – Hampton Lifeguard Association, N.Y.

3.   Rebecca White – Monmouth County Chapter, N.J.

TAPLIN RELAY: Teams of four competitors (1 swimmer, 1 board paddler, 1 surf skier and 1 runner) cover the 1,400 (approx.) meter course in a sequence of legs determined by draw at the start of each competition. The run leg is always the final leg. 

Men’s Open:

1.   Collin Baratte, Scott Shoemaker, Shane Scoggins & Rich Sprout – California State Lifeguard Association, Calif.

2.   Jeff Hart, Brian Murphy, Tyler Morgan & Kyle Atkins – Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association, Calif.

3.   David Chandlee, Matt Lewis, Wayde Marsh & Steve O’Boyle – Sussex County, Del.

Women’s Open:

1.   Tandis Morgan, Renee Locarnini, Taylor Spivey and Ann Finley – Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association, Calif.

2.   Hannah Briant, Caroline Petrone, Sherry Griffith & Rebecca White – Monmouth County Chapter, N.J. & Boca Raton, Fla.

3.   Michelle Davidson, Annie Fittin, Hayley Masi & Anne Skimmons – Monmouth County Chapter, N.J.

BEACH RELAY: Teams of four individuals compete in a baton relay fashion over a 100 yard course. To start, 2 competitors take position in the allotted lane at each end of the course. After the start, each competitor completes a leg of the course with a baton held in either hand and passes the baton at the conclusion of the first, second and third leg to the next runner. All competitors shall finish their leg of the event on their feet and in an upright position.

Men’s Open:

1.   Alex Triani, Jonathan Cuomo, Christian Roarke & Brian Costello – Smith Point, N.Y.

2.   Joseph Cornell, Ryan Cornell, Tim Cabasino & Phil Cabasino – Long Beach, N.Y. & Fire Island Ocean Rescue

3.   Chris Deluca, Patrick Scribner, Tim Manoogian & Garrett Thibodeau – Smith Point, N.Y.

Women’s Open:

1.   Brianne Jackolski, Elaina Thibodeau, Christa Narus & Courtney Dooley – Smith Point, N.Y.

2.   Anne Skimmons, Natasha Yaeger, Nikki Yaeger & Rebecca White – Monmouth County Chapter, N.J.

3.   Samantha McElvaney, Kelly McGrath, Elizabeth Vander Clute & Mollie Nadler – Ocean City Lifeguards, Md. & Sussex County, Del.

The United States Lifesaving Association ( is America’s nonprofit professional association of beach lifeguards and open water rescuers.  USLA works to reduce the incidence of death and injury in the aquatic environment through public education, national lifeguard standards, training programs, promotion of high levels of lifeguard readiness, and other means.

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