Kiefer Aquatics Partners with Horizons at Foote to Support Swimming Education and Equity

Courtesy: Kiefer Aquatics, a SwimSwam partner.

Bloomington IL – Kiefer Aquatics, a leader in the aquatics industry, is proud to announce its partnership with Horizons at Foote, an affiliate of Horizons National, to support their mission of providing swim training, athletics and academic support to New Haven CT public school students during the summer. This partnership underscores Kiefer Aquatics’ commitment to swimming safety, education, and equity.

Horizons at Foote, based in New Haven, CT, serves 170 students each summer, with swimming training being a core component of their program. The organization is dedicated to offering students from under-resourced communities the opportunity to develop their swimming skills, which is crucial for safety and opens doors to athletic pursuits. The Foote School, home to Horizons at Foote, has a long-standing connection with the Kiefer family, making this partnership especially meaningful.

In an exciting development, Horizons at Foote is hosting a panel conversation featuring Olympic gold-medalist Cullen Jones alongside Olympians Janelle Atkinson and Adriana Marmolejo. The discussion will focus on the importance of swimming education and the pursuit of equity in aquatic sports. This event reaffirms the legacy of Adolph Kiefer, the founder of Kiefer Aquatics, who was not only a champion swimmer but also a passionate advocate for swimming safety and accessibility. Adolph Kiefer’s contributions to the sport, including his efforts alongside Jesse Owens to promote the development of community pools in inner-city Chicago, continue to inspire today’s initiatives.

Kiefer Aquatics will be supporting Horizons at Foote by placing a sponsorship ad in the program for the upcoming panel discussion and by sponsoring the event. This collaboration honors the memory of Adolph Kiefer, who frequently spoke at the school about the importance of swimming safety and the need for equity in learning to swim.

“We are thrilled to partner with Horizons at Foote in their admirable work to teach and inspire young swimmers,” said Amy Johnson VP of Sales at Kiefer Aquatics. “Supporting initiatives that promote swimming education and equity is at the heart of our mission. We are proud to contribute to this cause and to honor Adolph Kiefer’s enduring legacy.”

“Swimming isn’t just about technique – it’s about instilling confidence and resilience,” said Rashana Graham, Horizons at Foote Executive Director. “Learning to swim is a life-saving skill, empowering our students to navigate water safely and confidently, discover their strength, and realize that anything is possible with perseverance and support.”

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About Kiefer Aquatics

Kiefer Aquatics is dedicated to enhancing the aquatic journey for everyone – serving competitive swimmers, lifeguards, aquatic facilities, water fitness and learn to swim programs. Kiefer has pioneered innovations and custom product services over our 75-year history including the first nylon material swimsuit, the kickboard, the lifeguard rescue can, starting blocks, lane lines, pace clocks, soft-gasket goggles, and learn to swim products.

Kiefer was founded in 1947 by Adolph Kiefer – US Olympic Gold Medalist, WWII Navy Instructor, and aquatics industry Pioneer.  Kiefer’s legacy of service, selection and value continues to propel us today.

About Horizons at Foote

Horizons at Foote is an affiliate of Horizons National, dedicated to providing swim training, athletics, and academic support to students from under-resourced communities, every summer and throughout the school year. Located at the Foote School in New Haven, CT, Horizons at Foote empowers students through swimming education and other enriching activities.

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