Kibler Hits 1:47.1 200 FR PB on Day 2 of Austin Sectionals


  • July 11-14th
  • Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, Austin, TX
  • Hosted by Longhorn Aquatics
  • Long Course Meters
  • Psych Sheet
  • Live Results

The 2nd day of racing in Austin featured the 200 breast, 200 free, and 400 IM. The highlight of the day was WIll Licon’s monster 2:08.88 200 breast, which broke Eric Shanteau‘s pool record. Madisyn Cox won the women’s 200 breast, roaring to a 2:26.36. The time was a season best for Cox, and her fastest time since 2017, when she went her lifetime best of 2:25.62.

16-year-old Rylie Lopez of Austin Swim Club won the women’s 200 free, clocking a 2:01.66. The time was a big drop for Lopez, whose personal best coming into this weekend was 2:03.65. Drew Kibler had another big swim on night 2 of the meet. Kibler threw down a 1:47.16 to win the men’s 200 free, beating out runner-up Maxime Rooney by 2.05 seconds. Kibler’s time was a personal best for him, half a second faster than his previous best of 1:47.65 from 2018 Jr Pan Pacs. Kibler and Rooney were neck-and-neck at the 150 mark, 1:19.75 and 1:19.91 respectively. Kibler kept up the pace, splitting 27.41 coming home, while Rooney faded, coming home in 29.30.

Aggie Monika Gonzlaez won the women’s 400 IM, swimming a 4:49.60 to be the only swimmer in the field under 4:50. Benjamin Walker won the men’s IM, clocking a 4:26.24.



1. Longhorn Aquatics                 281   2. Aggie Swim Club                   161
3. Unattached South Texas            136   4. Austin Swim Club                  114
5. Crawfish Aquatics                  82   6. Nitro Swimming                   68.5
7. Lakeside Aquatic Club              53   8. North Texas Nadadores              48
9. Rockwall Aquatic Center of Exc   46.5  10. Houston Bridge Bats                42
11. Streamline Aquatics                41  12. Alamo Area Aquatic Association     37
13. City of Richardson Swim Team       35  14. Swim Streamline at Northampton     29
15. Texas Christian University         25  16. Waterloo Swimming                  23
16. Premier Aquatics Club of Klein     23  18. Unattached Florida                 17
18. Texas Ford Aquatics                17  20. Nations Capital                    16
20. Mansfield Aquatic Club             16  22. South Shore Sails                  15
23. Spring Swim Team                   13  24. Eagle Swimming Association         12
25. Dallas Mustangs                    11  26. Aquastar                            6
27. Dads Club Swim Team                 5  28. Magnolia Aquatic Club               4
28. Navy Swimming                       4  30. Unattached North Texas              3


 1. Aggie Swim Club                   313   2. Longhorn Aquatics               191.5
 3. Austin Swim Club                  124   4. Lakeside Aquatic Club           111.5
 5. Rockwall Aquatic Center of Exc    108   6. Magnolia Aquatic Club              71
 7. Nitro Swimming                     69   8. Unattached Gulf                    65
 9. Mansfield Aquatic Club             56  10. Unattached South Texas             32
 11. Texas Ford Aquatics                31  12. Tulane Aquatics                    30
 12. Rice Aquatics                      30  14. Tiger Aquatics                     20
 15. Dallas Mustangs                    18  15. Crawfish Aquatics                  18
 15. Swim Streamline at Northampton     18  18. Austin Trinity Aquatic Club        13
 19. YMCA of NW LA - Red River Aqua     12  20. Dads Club Swim Team                11
 21. Lakeside Swim Team                  9  21. Southern Methodist University       9
 23. Western Hills Athletic Club         6  24. Hays Swim Club                      5
 25. City of Richardson Swim Team        4  25. Alamo Area Aquatic Association      4
 25. Aquastar                            4  28. Power For Life                      3
 28. Streamline Aquatics                 3  28. Unattached North Texas              3
 31. Texas Christian University          2  32. Lost Creek Aquatics                 1


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On jah
1 year ago

that’s solid

1 year ago

*Drew Kibler has entered the chat*

1 year ago

Kibler has entered the 2020 200-free discussion

Reply to  Charge
1 year ago

For a relay

Samuel Huntington
Reply to  DEAN IS GOD
1 year ago

Honestly I don’t think anyone is guaranteed one of those two individual spots. It could come down to who gets their hand on the wall first

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Samuel Huntington
1 year ago

It always does…

Reply to  DEAN IS GOD
1 year ago

We will certainly have a clearer picture after everyone has their tapered swims this summer. But if you work off the assumption that Haas is a near lock for one of the spots since his lifetime best is a full half second faster than anyone else not named Conor Dwyer, who is the second American? There’s a whole mess of guys with times in the 1:45.5 to 1:47 range. I wouldn’t count any one of them out.

I wouldn’t even assume Haas is one of the top 2. This event is wide open

Reply to  Charge
1 year ago

As far as a guaranteed spot goes, I’m always a little worried that the presumed top 2 individuals (say Haas and Seliskar for argument sake in 2Free) will not do a full taper for OT’s and a 2nd tier individual/s will fully taper and beat the ‘better’ swimmer and not be able to replicate the same time at the Games

Reply to  PhillyMark
1 year ago

I wouldn’t assume anyone is a lock if I were betting.

Reply to  Charge
1 year ago

Speaking of betting….is there Vegas betting for OT’s?

Reply to  PhillyMark
1 year ago

I think that’s a risk for events where someone fancies a medal and misjudged it, but I would be surprised if anyone thought of trying that other than Townley (and he’s such a rest swimmer he’ll probably have to fully taper anyway).