Kazan Organizers Give Video Glimpse into Aquatic Venues’ Construction Progress

With construction well underway at the various aquatic venues in Kazan in preparation for the upcoming 2015 World Championships, FINA produced this video giving enthusiasts insight into just how far along the construction is now that we are just two months away from the highly-anticipated July/August international event.

The organizers in the video speak in Russian, however, it is very interesting to simply view the images of the construction’s progress, as well as get a look at some of the special features highlighted at the venues.

For instance, The Kazan Arena stadium, whose temporary pools will host both the swimming and synchronized swimming competitions has two notable details. As World Championships have historically been held indoors, a partial cover is being constructed overhead, which can be seen in the footage. Additionally, there will be two level of music speakers on-site, one for the pool area and the other specifically for the spectators to ensure that music during the synchronized swimming portion will not be “lost” between the pool and audience seating.

The organizers speaking within the video also assure viewers that the venues’ construction will indeed be done on time, which is a welcome piece of news considering the construction concerns hovering over Rio’s 2016 Olympic Games preparation.

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Gina Rhinestone
7 years ago

Russia stated in Baku ( & it would be pretty official as Putin is there ) that it could host future European Games . Not stated specifically 2019 as The Netherlands sought to dampen Azerbaijan’s parade just 2 days before the Opening Ceremony but interesting sport event politics ahead .

On one hand the EU Parliament has an anti – Russia motion set to be voted on & on the other hand they may have to beg Russia to take the 2019 slot .

I should look to see how this grand vision for the European Games came from – but a pretty quick demise . Heehee.

7 years ago

I’d feel better if I saw actual swimming pools in the video.

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