Kansas Women Repeat Winners at CSCAA Open Water Nationals

Though zero Kansas University swimmers made the women’s podium at the CSCAA Open Water National Championships this morning, last year’s champions were still able to win the overall combined team gold.

The race kicked off at 8:30 a.m. at Lone Star Lake in Kansas; the bulk of the race consisted of two laps around the main body. It looks like conditions were great for the start of the race:

Bryn Hadley out of Southern Illinois University got the individual win in the 5K race, finishing in 1:04:39.22. Last year’s co-champion Haley Bishop came in ninth, and her counterpart Libby Walker did not swim.

Women’s Top 8 Finishers:

  1. Bryn Hadley, Southern Illinois — 1:04:39.22
  2. Catalina Berraud-Galea, Lynn — 1:04:37.39
  3. Hanna Huston, Rice — 1:04:52.89
  4. Lauryn Parrish, Kansas — 1:05:02.27
  5. Jenny Nusbaum, Kansas — 1:05:26.60
  6. Sarah Nowaski, Rice — 1:05:26.93
  7. Kira Zubar, Missouri — 1:05:31.60
  8. Sharli Brady, Missouri — 1:05:31.85

The top 8 were all under last year’s winning time of 1:05:48.32. Click here to view the full women’s results. 

The men’s race began at 10:30 a.m., and the University of Missouri took the team gold. Missouri teammates Giovanni Gutierrez and Giovanny Lima came in 1-2, though Gutierrez led the field by over two minutes. Last year’s champion Stanislas Raczynski came in sixth.

Men’s Top 8 Finishers:

  1. Giovanni Gutierrez Lozano,  Missouri — 59:25.05
  2. Giovanny Lima, Missouri — 1:01:59.30
  3. Moritz Fath, George Washington — 1:02:04.69
  4. Karl Bishop, Connecticut — 1:02:04.90
  5. Carter Grimes, Missouri — 1:02:13.12
  6. Stanislas Raczynski, Emmanuel — 1:02:27.65
  7. Jake Wielinski, Missouri  — 1:04:12.31
  8. Mathieu Danjou, Emmanuel –1:04:14.75

Click here to view the full men’s results.

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6 years ago

Wow. This is so shocking to see the times are pretty slow! There are girls in my age group at nationals going a 1.02 for 5k 15-16’s. I guess open water is such a new concept in usa

Reply to  Caitlin
6 years ago

Caitlin – don’t forget that open water, unlike pool swimming, isn’t always an apples-to-apples comparison. Race conditions, race course, measurement, jostling, drafting, wind, currents, and competition strategy can impact open water swimming times moreso than pool swimming times. That’s why there’s no “records” for open water swimming, just winners. Sometimes the winning strategy (forcing your competition into an early sprint, or forcing them to cruise and then make it a speed race late) doesn’t result in the fastest times.

NM Coach
6 years ago

More people participated than last year. All you can hope for is growth year to year. It’ll take off and include more upper echelon teams. Top 8 were faster than last year is a good sign!

Todd Mann
6 years ago

I care.

6 years ago

It would be great if in the future people from top programs participated.

Reply to  DLswim
6 years ago

The timing for this race is awful. Is it possible to have it in the spring, after NCAAs, maybe April/May time? Most collegiate swimmers just swam at LCM Championship meets in August (US Open, World Champs, World Univ Games, etc) and have been on break the last 2-4 weeks. You cannot train properly for a 5k in that kind of time frame.

Reply to  CHEEZ
6 years ago

It’s possible to have it then – but that would take it outside of the purview of the NCAA season, which always adds…complexities…to things.

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