Jolyn Foreverever Fabric Technology Delivers Fit Function and Sustainability

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February 06th, 2020 News

Stretched-out, faded swimsuits are now a thing of the past. JOLYN is taking their mission to empower women athletes to the next level with their Foreverever Fabric Technology

Known for their high-quality swimsuits featuring prints and colorways that are designed to help you feel confident in and out of the pool, JOLYN is constantly striving to offer the best in fabric and stitching technology to make sure that your suit works has hard as you do. Foreverever swimsuit fabric is even chlorine resistant to keep those colors just as bright as the day you first bought them.

Foreverever Fabric Technology, ups the ante with game-changing features in fit, function and sustainability. From performance to sun protection, this long-lasting fabric is designed to keep you and your suit in shape year after year. 

With shape-retention and pilling resistance, Foreverever fabric will stand up to the intensity you put it through every day. Your swimsuit will survive sand, sun, friction and, of course, chlorine. 

Foreverever’s controlled stretch keeps your fit consistent with elastic of the highest grade, so it won’t stretch out or crunch. This means that even extreme athletes like ocean swimmers and triathletes can adventure without fear of your suit ripping, thinning or sagging.

These swimsuits are breathable, fast-drying and stretch in all directions and this fade-proof fabric offers UV protection. That means the colors and patterns JOYLN is known for will stay as vibrant as they were the day you bought them. 

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Created by athletes who were tired of boring swimsuits that didn’t fit, JOLYN’s mission of empowering women athletes comes to life with an uncompromising drive to create stylish gear with the best materials out there.

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