Championship Group Coach

Applications due 10/30/17

Job Description:

Solna Sunbyberg Simsällskap (SS04) is a swimming club based out of Stockholm, Sweden.  SS04 is currently hosting 2,000 members with a constant, healthy growth over the past several years.  Our club is comprised of a ”learn-to-swim program”, a technique-school, our competitive swimming system, and even a solid masters program.   Our club is currently searching for a new coach for the club’s highest group as our current coach is moving to the USA to pursue a coaching job within the NCAA college system.


Your profile

We are searching for a coach that is engaging and knowledgeable with a natural desire in developing our best swimmers swimming career.  Our club’s ambition is to be one of the leading swim clubs in the country, and we are looking for a coach to help drive this process forward. Coming into this job you should have a strong coaching background with proven experience and a relatable education.  Having swum at a ”high level” yourself is also a preferred quality.


Job description

  • Plan and execute the teams training sessions and overall season planning
  • Resposible for all competition preparations concerning the group
  • Organize team meetings, competitions, and planning/budgeting of training trips
  • Participate in the planning of the club’s overall growth and development including meetings and ”office time” with fellow colleagues
  • Oversight of the national sports education program (Nationell Idrottsutbildning, NIU)

Employment conditions

Fulltime. Unregulated workhours that follow the team’s hours of operation, often including nights and weekends. Salary is negotiable upon hiring. SS04 is a member of Arbetsgivaralliansen.

How to Apply

A resumes and personal letter shall be sent to:

[email protected]



Contact Information

Jonas Hägerhäll

Skogsbacken 10 Bv, 172 41 Sundbyberg, Sweden

phone: +46708-653277

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