Jeanette Ottesen and Marco Loughran Injured After Assault In Denmark

An alleged road rage incident on Sunday in Copenhagen, Denmark has left Danish Olympic swimmer Jeanette Ottesen and her boyfriend Marco Loughran injured.

Ottesen told TV2 Sport that the alleged attacker was angered because he thought that she was driving too slowly. Ottesen stated to the Danish television network that the man started an altercation with them, and began to beat Loughran, hitting him in the head repeatedly. When she tried to defend him, Ottesen stated that the man attacked her where she suffered injuries to her fingers. Ottesen broke one finger and sprained another.

Loughran, a former Florida Gator and British Olympian, suffered a gash in his head, a split eyebrow, several broken teeth, and complications to his shoulder.

The timing of the injuries for Ottesen is less than optimal considering how close the World Championships are. According to TV 2 Sport, Ottesen is taking some time off to recover from the injury. She has allegedly tried swimming since the incident, however she experienced pain.

She told TV 2 Sport that she thinks she will be ready for the national team training camp in Croatia, a camp designed specifically to prepare the Danish team for the World Championships.

Ottesen is one of Denmark’s medal hopefuls. She won one gold medal at the 2011 World Championships, and another at the 2013 World Championships.

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Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Savage people even in Denmark!
Best wishes for Jeanette and Marco.


DDIAS , U have no idea what u are stating here . Denmark is one of the most healthy country in the world ( check some articles / yutube documentaries about it ) with Iceland , Sweden and a few others . What happened can happen anywhere in any country at any moment . The ugly / unstable behavior of that car driver shows how poor he has to handle his own mind impulses / emotional responses to a simple situation of daily life . To get to the point where violence arises just because someone drives slowly ( or more slowly that average ) is just insane . So please , visit Denmark and let us know your true… Read more »


The initial statement is actually a quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I think the person posting it was just trying to be funny.


7 lines of rant for an harmless quip, wow! 😀


Hey dude , i don’t feel that jokes has any place in this event ! u better also see where the frontier is between jokes when it applies or not . Grow up

Palle Runquist

Go feel your feels somewhere else, people are having fun here.

Paul Loughran

The attacker was not Danish


Could have been Danish as not all Danes are God. Let’s not talk about nationality please. The attacker is a potential killer.


Sorry if things got too matter of fact for you.


It was an arselifter who attacked them

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