James Guy Fitting Right In At New Bath Training Centre Home

Reigning 200m freestyle World Champion James Guy made the move from Millfield to Bath last month, following longtime coach Jol Finck to the site’s National Centre. As Guy told SwimSwam at the time of the switch,  “I’m primarily following Jol, but it helps being at the National Centre. I’m in need of a move.”

Now one month into his kicking off the quadrennial in his new Bath environment, what does the 21-year-old think of his new digs?  “I’ve been training in Bath for four weeks now and I’m absolutely loving it,” said Guy, who won silver medals in the 4x200m freestyle and 4x100m medley relays in Rio.

“I needed a place where I could make a fresh start for the next four-year cycle, a place where I can grow as a person and be among professional athletes with the same goals as me.

“When you walk in the Sports Training Village, everyone has the same passion and the same ambition to be the best. I’m training with Olympic medallists day in, day out – an elite group of athletes who want to be the best in the world.”

Among Guy’s new squadmates are 2016 Olympic silver medalists Siobhan-Marie O’Connor, Jazmin Carlin, as well as fellow medley relay teammate Christopher Walker-Hebborn. Former Millfield teammate and 2016 Olympian Cameron Kurle also decided to mirror Guy and make the move to Bath.

Of the rejuvenated squad, Finck says, “The last few weeks have given me a chance to get to know the environment here at Bath, how everything works, and it’s been great. There is a real energy in this building. Every time you come in – it doesn’t matter if it’s 6 in the morning or 7 at night, there is always something going on. It’s a great environment, an inspiring environment.

“Dave McNulty [National Lead Centre Coach at Bath] is one of the best swimming coaches in the world and a great friend. We are both very excited about the future prospects of the whole programme and what we can do to drive the team forward for the next three-and-a-half years and beyond.”

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7 years ago

Sounds like a situation for James and Jol and Cameron….and I don’t think they are very far from home.

Reply to  weirdo
7 years ago

Very close to home and their mothers who they still depend on
I don’t think it was a case of mirroring James I believe the decision was made as a trio as read on Jol’s interview
Millfield should be proud of the boys, their time has come to move on to allow the next wave to follow under the guidance of the new Director of swimming

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