FINIS Set Of The Week – Power Pool Circuit

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February 01st, 2017 Industry, News, Video

This week’s FINIS Set Of The Week comes from Alan Bircher, coach of the Ellesmere College Titans and home to some of Great Britain’s future Olympic stars.  Bircher is a FINIS Coach Ambassador and you can follow him on Twitter @AlanBircher.
The following workout is a speed development workout to help with race preparation.  This “power pool circuit” includes some stroke connection work and overspeed swimming.


4×300 Alternating 100 Freestyle / Backstroke / Freestyle with Edge fins
8×50 Best stroke kick. (Odds: Fast, Evens: Distance per kick)
4×100 50 Best Drill, 50 Pull with paddles
8×25 Odds: Fast from the blocks, Evens: Build speed

Main Set (Repeat Circuit x3):

Station 1: 10×25 at 100-meter race pace
Station 2: SwimCordz 4x (20 seconds fast swimming, 15 seconds rest in between repetitions)
Station 3: 100-meter FAST Swim (choice stroke) with fins
Station 4:
 Dryland: 2x (20 Medicine Ball Slams + 10 Chin-Ups or Push-Ups)
Station 5: Stretch / Roller / Recovery



1-3: Kick on your back with Edge fins (minimum of 10-meters underwater of every wall)

4-6: 50 Swim, 50 double-arm backstroke drill 

4×200 Distance Per Stroke Freestyle with paddles and snorkel

Workout Total: 6600

For more awesome workouts, visit FINIS’ Training Tips & Workouts page today!

About FINIS, Inc.

John Mix and Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Pablo Morales founded FINIS in Northern California in 1993 with a mission to simplify swimming for athletes, coaches, beginners and lifelong swimmers around the world. Today, FINIS fulfills that mission through innovation, high quality products and a commitment to education. FINIS products are currently available in over 80 countries. With a focus on innovation and the fine details of swimming, FINIS will continue to develop products that help more people enjoy the water.

Swim training is courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner. 


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Curious as to how you are getting 6600 as the total for this workout?

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