It’s starting to set in for Lia Neal

  14 Garrett McCaffrey | July 01st, 2012 | U.S. Olympic Trials

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I’m not a specialist of NCAA but I think Missy will go to Cal or to Georgia. There are many friends of her there. The weather? The coach? If she wants to improve a lot her underwaters, yes Cal would be better. Imagine for her one year with Cindy Tran, Rachel Bootsma, Elizabeth Pelton and Natalie Coughlin who all have great underwaters and under the coach Terry McKeever. Missy would be a monster. And if she wants to improve her freestyle yes Georgia would be better. We’ll see. Will it not be dangerous to quit her great coach Todd Schmitz? And will she stay the same if she doesn’t train at altitude anymore like she does in Colorado? Auburn would… Read more »

If Missy wants the best of both worlds (ie. academic + swimming), she should pick CAL.
Stanford would have been best, but their swimming track in LCM in the past few years is not very good.

cynthia curran

Cal needs a breastroker. Catilyn is the only good one that can swim under a 1:00 in the 100 yard, Kong, Bates and Mims are too slow. Cal nees breastroker after next year.

They have Kelly Naze coming in.

Good point. And Kelly also has some speed.

I’m not sure if shes as good at the 200 as the 100, havent seen her times in 200, but yes she does. That’ll be good for them

I know we’re in Olympic season but does anyone have the skinny on Lia Neal’s college preferences? I would like to see Missy and Lia go to the same place (FL, GA, AUB, USC), not CAL, so there can be a some kinda rivalry–who wants to watch CAL crush everybody for the next few years–(besides Bear fans)?

It will be big. Missy’s going to suck in a lot of attention this year, but when you look around the class…it’s LOADED coming out of the Olympic year.


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