Iowa to Spend $5-6 Million on Pool Repairs This Summer

by Spencer Penland 22

June 20th, 2019 Big Ten, College, News

Shortly after the announcement that Iowa would be hosting the 2020 Women’s Big Ten Championships, the university announced that they would be spending around $5-6 million on pool repairs this Summer. The repairs will be focused on the air handling units in the facility. These units are used to circulate the air inside a building. At a recent Board of Regents meeting, it was noted that the air handling units in the pool were deteriorating faster than anticipated. According to the Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations, “over time with the corrosive nature of the aquatic centers, [the units] have not held up well.”

The plan is to get all seven air handling units replaced this Summer, before the start of the swim season. The university also wants to completely replace each unit one at a time, that way the pool can remain open while they make the repairs.

Since Iowa opened its $69 million Campus Recreation and Wellness Center in 2010, the pool has played host to both men’s and women’s Big Ten Championships, and the 2015 Men’s NCAA Championships. In addition to hosting the 2020 Women’s Big Tens, Iowa was also selected as host of the 2021 Men’s NCAA Championships. The facility also hosts many club meets, including Speedo Sectional meets.

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1 year ago

Yet Clemson, a school with a far greater athletic budget, can’t shell out a fraction of that to buff up their pool…

ABC def
Reply to  QUACK
1 year ago

Too bad Clemson didn’t build an 8 lane 25 yard pool in Clemson’s $55 million daycare center for their football players. (But they do have some nice non-competition pools in the daycare facility.)

Reply to  ABC def
1 year ago

Clemson football brought in over $112,000,000 just last year. Quit whining about football.

1 year ago

Love to see programs spending money on their pools rather than cutting them. Good on Iowa

1 year ago

Good to upgrade. Minnesota’s pool just re-opened this month after something like a $15M renovation, most of which was spent on improving the air handling (badly needed).

CT Swim Fan
Reply to  12Volt
1 year ago

I’m glad these schools are choosing to fix their pools, but $15 million to renovate the pool? Can’t you pretty much build a brand new pool for that much money?

Reply to  CT Swim Fan
1 year ago

Looked it up again and the number is $12.5M. Either way, $15M is not nearly enough to build that aquatic center at Minnesota.

Having worked on a project to help develop a new private pool about 4-5 years ago, you would be surprised at how little $15M can buy you. We couldn’t get it done for less than $17M and that was nothing nearly as elaborate as Minnesota has.

John Bradley
Reply to  CT Swim Fan
1 year ago

No. Most of these facilities to completely rebuild would be $80-$100 million dollars.

DP Spellman
Reply to  John Bradley
1 year ago

Chemical costs alone are really high for that much H2O.

Reply to  DP Spellman
1 year ago

DP – any choice words for the U? Ha!

DP Spellman
Reply to  Mac
1 year ago

They built a nice venue. 😉