IOC Awards Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has officially selected the host cities for both of the next two Summer Olympics, naming Paris to host 2024 and Los Angeles to host 2028.

That confirms what seemed more and more apparent this summer as the two cities vied against one another in the bid process for the 2024 Games. While a number of major cities dropped out of the bidding (including the original United States bid city, Boston), Paris and L.A. emerged as the frontrunners. But as the race heated up, rumblings around the process began to suggest the IOC was interested in awarding each city with an Olympic Games, deciding on a 2028 host more than a decade out.

Paris’s bid, in general, was focused only on 2024 and not interested in hosting four years later. So when Los Angeles agreed to host the 2028 Games back in July, it seemed all but settled that Paris would get the first crack in 2024, followed by L.A. four years later.

Today’s IOC decision officially confirms that. It’s the first time the IOC has awarded two bids at once.

It will be the third time for each city hosting the Olympic Games. Paris was uniquely interested in 2024 as that marks the 100th anniversary of the last time Paris hosted the Olympics. Paris hosted in 1900 and then again in 1924 before a lengthy layoff.

Los Angeles hosted the 1932 Olympics, and then hosted again in 1984. They’ll be the first Summer Olympic host in North America since Atlanta in 1996.


    • Caeleb Dressel WILL get 7 golds in Tokyo says:

      Nu. Ledecky will be old by 2028

      • Sir Swimsalot says:

        She’ll be 32 years old…don’t be so sure. Many swimmers are now having success at that age…plus, she’s fricken’ Katie Ledekcy

        • Caeleb Dressel WILL get 7 golds in Tokyo says:

          True, but Phelps is the only 31 year old who has won a gold medal in a 200 meter event. Ledecky specializes in in 200-1500. Maybe she will be able to win, hopefully.

          • Person says:

            By then I’d expect her to have developed a lot more speed to become more of a 100-200 (maybe still 400) swimmer.

  1. SwimmerForever says:

    No surprise there, but still congrats

  2. marklewis says:

    I hope the French can handle the security requirements for this massive event.

    Paris is getting the Games after 100 years. The 1924 Games are the ones depicted in the movie “Chariots of Fire.”

  3. Years of Plain Suck says:

    Speaking of the Olympics, I just watched a video of the women’s 4×100 free relay in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Fun stuff: the American women against the East Germans. Exciting. You can watch it too. Good commentary by Donna deVerona.

  4. Torchbearer says:

    Paris should host a spectacular Games, it is a beautiful and magical city….and long overdue.

  5. Years of Plain Suck says:

    Wonderful 3 minute video: “Five Cities that Got F*cked by the Olympics”

  6. Aigues says:

    Not sure security will be an issue in Paris, 2024 is far and anyway, I don’t see any “western” county being particularly safer: spain, germany, uk, belgium and USA suffered similar attacks; the terrorist of Berlin has been able to travell to Italy… honestly, Paris is not worse than LA on this point. Moreover, France has hosted Euro 2016 without problem, though it involved more cities and lasted longer than OG.

    Being french, being european, I don’t see the point of Paris bid. Paris is one of the few cities in the world that don’t need Olympic Games: its reputation is already made, its financial power is important enough to build anything needed, and I recently heard the director of a big travel agency explaining that tourism will not be positively impacted, as Paris hotels in August are usually already full of people doing wedding trips, and instead they will be full of sports fans who spend less money.

    In the last decades, the only city to have really taken advantage of OG is Barcelona, because they reshaped the city and changed its reputation (it was seen as an industrial port, it is now a touristic top city). Europe should focus on cities/areas sharing common points with pre-92 Barcelona like Liverpool, Marseille, Lille, Napoli, Lisbon, Porto… maybe Birmingham, Glasgow… cities needing the investments associated to Olympics, not cities like London or Paris which organize OG only to glorify themselves and spend money uselessly.

    • Daaaave says:

      AIGUES, you make some good points here. In my experience France’s security game appears to be on-point in spite of (and more so as a result of) recent terror events. There is pervasive security presence in Paris and other large French cities. I would not be more worried over other W. European or N. American locations.

      Agree that Paris doesn’t “need” the Games for a boost to reputation or economy. My only counterpoints:

      1. Paris is a beautiful and epic place, and it would be great to have another excuse to showcase it for those who don’t live there/near.

      2. While London (disclosure: I live here) arguably did not need the games, they have made more of it than I think anyone really imagined they would. A whole section of the city has been revitalised. Not only has this been sustained, but it continues to grow. The transport links are great. The facilities continue to be used: the stadium is now the home of West Ham football and it has hosted world-level events recently in athletics and rugby to name a few. The Aquatics centre was jammed a couple weekends ago with lap swimmers and families. While it is a bit on the commercial side with basically a giant mall in the middle, it is a cool area to explore with canals and parks, fountains, playgrounds, trails, etc.

      If Saint-Denis undergoes a Stratford-like transformation–with a Parisian flair–it could be transformative.

      3. If you live in a place where weed is legal you should already be making your opening ceremony plans, cuz they are gonna be craaayzeee.

      All that said, I am still with you on Lisbon or Porto being higher on the list.

      • Aigues says:

        Of course, living in France I can watch (a lot of) nice plans of Paris every year for the final stage of Tour de France, but also on 14th july, new year’s eve fireworks, Paris marathon, etc. Effects on me are going lower and lower…

        I’m sure a big city like London, Paris or Los Angeles can make a lot of big things with Olympic Games and many parts of these cities need investments – as you say, for Paris they communicate a lot about investments in Saint-Denis area. I just think that Paris is totally able to make these investments without the “pretext” of Olympic Games. Yet, some cities with strong economic issues (I mean stronger than France…) NEED investments that they will never attract without the major exposition that OG brings. A bid of Lisbon would not be crazy, but it would need an european support, and it seems europeans are not ready yet to think in terms of “common good”: england had its games, now frogs want them too – that’s how I summarize this bid.

        From a swimming perspective, Paris will maybe finally get a decent swimming pool and it’s a good thing: french swimming is geographically “absurd”, a quarter of the country provides almost all the medallists.

        • Charlie says:

          I’ve got to quibble with you a bit here. Paris could have built a world class aquatics facility in the years since its bids for 1992, 2008 and 2012, but it did not. And New York, where I live, could have built a world class aquatics facility since its bid for 2012 — but did not (Hudson Yards could have been soooo much more than another collection of high rises). New York, like Paris, doesn’t need an Olympics to maintain its international reputation, but, dang, all of us in the aquatics community of metropolises like New York and Paris can only envy cities like Stockholm, with a world class facility in its city limits built for pretty much no other reason than its a public asset, and wonder why it takes an Olympics to get such projects off the ground.

          • BaldingEagle says:

            When you mean “World Class Aquatics Facility,” what do you mean? A FINA-code natatorium with 10 lanes, a separate diving well and warm-up pool, and seating for 4000+? Personally, I think that is a HUGE waste of resources for any city.

            The idea for a “World Class Facility” would be that it be a centerpiece facility, for the hosting of national meets and international events. I think that’s a huge White Elephant because, even though the USA has many levels of national championships, these tend to rotate around several different facilities. Outside of the major events like Duel or Trials, these don’t sell out tickets, even at Indy. NCAA meets rarely sell out. There would have to be events every weekend at a place like this to make it pay off. Assuming that USA-S and NCAA allow for the provision of the major meet held at the same site every year, that’s still only a few days of programming out of the year, and the rest of the time, all that volume of air in the seating area needs to be heated and cooled, and maintenance needs to be conducted. The Olympic venues for the last several cycles have all been down-sized or dismantled (Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London, Rio).

            Assuming a truly World Class Facility costs about $50-100m to build, and even more, considering big-city real estate costs, that same amount could be used to build many more facilities to reach out to more people. What’s the need for a truly competition-ready pool, when there are so many already available? Assuming $50m, that same amount could be used to build SEVERAL 50m multi-use pools spread around a city, to increase the reach and availability of aquatics programs in a city. Build a 50m pool with 9-10 lanes, have a shallower end for laps and maybe swim lessons, and expand aquatics that way. No need for towers, either, considering the liability issues there.

            Consider what’s going on in Austin, TX: Nitro has built two training-style 50m pools, and there is a third pool, privately-owned, that has just come on-line. Nitro’s pools cost $3m-$6m each. They have 10 lanes for long course and 20+ for short course, as well as shallow programming pools for lessons. Why build competition-ready pools in Austin, of all places, when Jamail is in the area, and Texasw A&M, Houston, Northside, Palo Alto, etc etc etc, are all in the state? Austin has 30 lanes of long course/66 lanes of short course available, and that didn’t cost nearly as much as a world-class center. Why pay?

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