Indiana’s Ian Finnerty Swims Historic 49 100 Breast


Indiana’s Ian Finnerty made history on Friday night at the 2018 Men’s NCAA Championships. Finnerty smashed his lifetime best to win the 100 breast, clocking in at 49.69. That makes Finnerty the fastest man ever and the first man to break 50 seconds. Before tonight, Florida’s Caeleb Dressel had come the closest to breaking that barrier with his 50.03 from SECs.


  • 1st 50 Split- 23.26
  • 2nd 50 Split- 26.43
  • Final Time- 49.69

Finnerty’s American Record and NCAA Record tonight took about 4 tenths off the previous record. He was over a second faster than anyone else in the field tonight, as Cal’s Connor Hoppe finished 2nd in 51.16. Finnerty will now get ready to help Indiana compete for a sweep of the medley relays in tonight’s 200 medley relay finals.


Place Swimmer Time
1 Ian Finnerty 49.69
2 Caeleb Dressel 50.03
3 Kevin Cordes 50.04
4 Will Licon 50.68
5 Fabian Schwingenschloegl 50.77
6 Nic Fink 50.80
7 Cody Miller 50.82
8 Damir Dugonjic 50.86
9 Chuck Katis 50.89
10 Andrew Wilson 50.94
* Michael Andrew 50.79

*Due to issues with the timing system at the ISCA meet, which caused swimmers’ times to appear 4 tenths faster than they actually were, we don’t know for sure where Michael Andrew‘s swim falls on this list yet.


1 Ian Finnerty 49.69
2 Caeleb Dressel 50.03
3 Kevin Cordes 50.04
4 Kevin Cordes 50.25
5 Ian Finnerty 50.47
6 Kevin Cordes 50.55
7 Will Licon 50.68
8 Kevin Cordes 50.70
9 Ian Finnerty 50.72
10 Kevin Cordes 50.74

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Siphiwe Baleka

Competition for Peaty

Captain Ahab

L no!!


maybe not immediately….but Finnerty looked like he has a 57 in him. Last year i thought Maybe the Brits could contend with and upset the US medley relay….doesnt look like it now


I know he has dropped a lot of time this winter, but lets just remember he is yet to break 60s in the LC pool. I have no doubt we’ll see him well under 60s this summer, but it is perhaps a little early to mention 57s – The closest any man not-named Peaty has ever got to breaking 58s is half a second.


and one of those men (Cordes) just had his best time beat by nearly half a second by someone who spent MUCH less time under water than him. Remember, Peaty went from unknown to world record from 2014 to 2015.


To be fair, Cordes has dropped a second in long course since he did that 50.04. Finnerty is great get for the US, but let’s see how he transfers before we consider Peaty or Cordes out


nobody is considering Peaty out lol. Im just talking of hitting 57. And I still think that 50.0 is the best race Cordes has ever done. It took him a really long time to adjust LC


Yes, but also remember Cordes’ long stroke wasn’t ideal for SCY/SCM swimming, I am pretty sure I heard him say that himself – Long strokes and lots of turns arent often the best match.


ehh, swimmers say a lot of things. He has never lived up to his times in LCM that his SCY pointed too.


Also, just as a point of contention; Peaty swam 59.9 in 2013, when he was a teenager.


its a good time, but guys like Martinenghi/Andrew/Whitley and probably more are on that level already. Its not a contending time now nor was it back then. Breast has been stagnant for a really, really long time before Peaty. The world has catching up to do

And I implore you to not make the mistake that almost everyone not from the US makes. Just because he hasnt shown it in meters does not mean he isnt an incredible swimmer. His focus over the recent years has not been to make the US team, its been to perform his best for Indiana in the NCAAs


I actually think the men’s 100 breast was very active before Peaty. We didn’t see a sub 60 until 2001 remember, and 1.5s was chopped from that in a decade. Hoogie’s Sydney time would have medalled in Rio, Crocker’s 50.4 would’ve won silver at Rio. Relatively speaking, I really feel Breast had been progressing nicely before Peaty.

As I said, I think we’ll see Finnerty WAY under 60s – But a sub 58 would be historic. Cordes is 0.6 shy, V.d Burgh 0.5 shy… It would take a huge effort.


Agreed, but Peaty is already 57.1, just going a 57 could still leave you half a body length behind Peaty’s current WR, not a accounting for any time he drops.

Finnerty could do it, he’s young, growing and training with the best breaststroke group in the world, but if he is to be considered equal to or ahead of Peaty going into Tokyo he’s going to have to go 57 mid (sub 57 to be considered favourite) at Pan Pacs or Worlds.


when the Brits get a backstroker . no contest.. till then USA all the way


In SCM, yes.
In LCM, not a chance.
Really impressive swim by Finnerty but 100m breaststroke LCM is Peaty’s event. No one can beat him!

The Dressler


Siphiwe Baleka

Don’t tell Finnerty that.


Relax. He was 1:01.1 last summer. Obviously he’s improved since then but the kid has a long way to go and has in no way proven himself in LCM


Dressel went from 52.2 to 49.8 within 3 months.


im not sure Finnerty is the talent Dressel is

Jay ryan

I recall a 1:00.09 last summer. Does anyone have it. The use database is not working for him


1.00.09 is indeed his best time

The Dressler

“The 100 breast will be an easier win for Dressel than the 100 fly”


Why is MA’s name asterisked?

The Dressler

Because he didn’t go 50.79 since the Daktronics timing system had an error. He went 50.79 + .396.


His time might not count with the timing system mess up in Virginia last week


because of the possible timing malfunctions at that meet where he swam that time


because anything over a 50 for him needs an asterisk

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