Indiana Puts 3 Divers Into 3-Meter A Final, Texas Adds Two


For the second day in a row, Indiana and Texas will get big boosts from their divers. Indiana has two of the top four qualifiers and three in the top eight, while Texas has two in the championship final.

Indiana will have Michael Hixon (2nd) and Andrew Capobianco (4th) in the national title hunt, and James Connor (8th) snuck into the A final as well.

Meanwhile Texas will get Grayson Campbell (5th) and Jordan Windle (6th) into tonight’s A flight.

None of the other NCAA title-contending teams will have a scoring diver. Of the current top 10, only USC has a scoring diver: Dashiell Enos, who sits 15th and will compete in the consolation final this afternoon.

Defending NCAA champ Steele Johnson sits fourth. The top qualifier was Tennessee’s Colin Zengwho scored about six more points than Hixon in prelims.

Full diving results

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Colin Zeng, Tennessee – 460.70
  2. Michael Hixon, Indiana – 454.85
  3. Steele Johnson, Purdue – 444.85
  4. Andrew Capobianco, Indiana – 440.90
  5. Grayson Campbell, Texas – 438.45
  6. Jordan Windle, Texas – 431.15
  7. Juan Hernandez, LSU – 428.20
  8. James Connor, Indiana – 419.15

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2 years ago


2 years ago

IU is the new NC State, except they put their money where their mouth is. Let’s go Hoosiers, baby! Should have a lead going into the final day!

Reply to  Swimmer!
2 years ago

IU is nothing like NC State.
IU is most certainly a DIVING and swimming program while NC State is the more balanced Swimming and Diving program.
Also, NC State academics are far superior than IU.

Gotta put your money where your mouth is.

Reply to  #STATEment
2 years ago

Swimming and Diving, Diving and Swimming. Whichever way you put it doesn’t matter if you get the title.

Reply to  #STATEment
2 years ago

That makes no sense. What do you think balance is?

Double Arm Freestyle
Reply to  #STATEment
2 years ago

How can NC State be balanced when they don’t have scoring divers? Indiana is doing better because they’re balanced, they score in swimming and diving, unlike NC State.

Open water lanelines
2 years ago

“James Connor snuck into the A final as well”
Yes, 2 time Olympian James Connor snuck in 16 points ahead of 9th place finisher…even with a botched dive.

Double Arm Freestyle
Reply to  Open water lanelines
2 years ago

Snuck in as in he was the last person to make it in

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