How Important Was Winning the 400 Free Relay For Texas? (Video)


Reported by Jared Anderson.

It wasn’t the best of meets overall for Texas, which saw its four-year team title run snapped by Cal. But the Longhorns finished with easily their best session, capped by back-to-back wins.

They made a bold relay call, swapping out freshman Drew Kibler (who has generally been good on relays this week) for John Shebatnot as well-known as a sprint freestyler, but who has been on fire in his final meet as a collegiate Longhorn. It paid off, as Shebat split a crushing 41.6, handing off to two fellow seniors who broke 41: Tate Jackson was a bruising 40.9 and Townley Haas 40.7. That capped off a 2:45.12 relay win for the Longhorns, joining a 41.7 leadoff from freshman Daniel Krueger.

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Jay ryan
2 years ago

Everyone was commenting that Texas’ performances were spotty…that they were down for the count. Despite Cal’s great performances, Texas just wouldn’t go away. They kept counterpunching in each session. Even going into the final evening, when Cal had essentially won the meet, Texas threw down some serious performances. Shebat and Katz in the 200 Back, Kruger in the 100 free, Windle coming from behind to win the Platform with his last 3 dives, and that killer 400 free relay with a 41+ and two 40+ legs from the seniors. I am not surprised that Texas scored more points in 2019 than last year. And it is not a mistake that they won 4 straight titles and 15 total men’s championships.… Read more »

Reply to  Jay ryan
2 years ago

I’m sure it meant a lot to those seniors to finish off with a win. And it was good seeing Tate Jackson with a great swim especially with how his meet had gone up to that point. Texas seemed to be settling in that last day; makes you wonder if the just missed being fully ready by a few days.

Reply to  bodybyfood
2 years ago

Cal was too deep. Too good. And will be next year

Reply to  Horninco
2 years ago

I disagree. Cal was fantastic but Texas was plenty good enough AND deep enough AND prepared well by Eddie to win this meet. The execution was way off. Katz was obviously fast enough to score more in the 100 back but didn’t. Tate showed he was ready a couple of times throughout the weekend but they needed him at his best the whole weekend. Townley mismanaged his 500 which ruined him for his 200 and 100…not sure what happened to Charlie with his individual events but he performed well on all relays! So the points were clearly there…

Reply to  Longhorn
2 years ago

Excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses, etc. so everyone thought cal last year blamed diving & wanted swimming/diving separated but this year its Texas wanting a NCAA meet comprised only of the Free relays, backstroke & diving!!!! 😂

2 years ago

Daniel Krueger is a massive talent as evidenced by these times as a freshman. Don’t want to jinx but he could rewrite the sprint records at UT

Reply to  Mikeh
2 years ago

Massive attitude towards other coaches as well from the rumor mill

2 years ago

Townley really can’t put together an original thought

Reply to  Swack
2 years ago

Agree he lacks interview skills

2 years ago

Maybe not next yr. but at least the following yr. they will contend for a championship. Here are my thoughts: Kibler scored in 3 individual events and Krueger looked great. This Freshman class also includes Zettle, Koustik, and Scheinfeld that will do significant damage next few yrs. Soph (rising Juniors), well Katz did fine and will do very well next yr.(perhaps didn’t do his best race in 100 back). Sam P. who scored in 3 indi. events as a freshman, had an off yr. production wise. I am sure this burns and will motivate him for next yr. Sannem looks to be developing nicely (did not score last yr). Yeager has to hit his best times at NCAAs. Juniors (rising… Read more »

Reply to  Jeff
2 years ago

Also freshman Matthew Willenbring… freestyle/IM. The team needs to regroup. It will be interesting to see the next 12 months unfold.

2 years ago

It was a great way to end a very depressing unsatisfying meet for the Horns. The Seniors have to feel bad especially losing at home in front of a large crowd. The way Texas manages their meet schedule looking back on the year doesn’t help either-a 5-3 dual meet record only 2-3 at home and many swimmers missing their best times at the end of the year. For the horns its all about the NCAAs and when it doesn’t happen the season was a bust. Unfortunately Cal looks good for the net couple of years.

Reply to  swimmer
2 years ago

Obviously it was a disappointing meet for the horns but it was clearly NOT a bust. They started the meet winning the 4 x 200 relay breaking all records… Townley crushed the 500, Drew Kibler and Danny Krueger got best times and A finals as Freshnan and Shebat and Katz crushed the 200 back with 2nd and 3rd fastest time in history! They capped it with a win and pool record in the 4 x 100 relay.

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