How Fast Will Michael Andrew Swim at The Olympic Games?

Gold Medal Minute presented by SwimOutlet.comThe title above is for swim fans here on If you want to play the prediction game, see my predictions below.   The title probably should be How Does Olympic Swimmer Michael Andrew Handle Media Pressure?

In the aftermath of USA Swimming’s press conference last week with 2021 Team USA Olympian Michael Andrew, I asked him to come on the SwimSwam podcast. If you missed it, see his press conference here. He went viral because of his response about why he wasn’t vaccinated. (For the record, I am vaccinated, and I recommend it. I trust the science. I also strive to respect others’ opinion on this topic despite my personal feelings.) At any rate, I didn’t ask Michael to come on the pod to debate or defend himself. I did want to know how he has handled the media pressure.

For anyone in swimming, you know Michael’s been a lightening rod since he was ten years old, back when he started his ambush on nearly every National Age Group Record in the sport.

Michael unpacks his long journey and how he’s handled criticism over the years, from his choice to train exclusively USRPT to turning pro at the tender age of 14. Michael also opens about his decision to not participate in Season III of the International Swimming League (ISL), which partly includes more insight about the Michael Andrew Swim Academy. Finally he deconstructs his Olympic Trials performance and looks ahead to the Olympics and Team USA’s challenges in the men’s relays.

For curious mind, see the Michael Andrew Swim Academy here.


200 IM? Michael wins gold in the 200 IM with another 1:55 low. However,  Michael swims faster in the semi, just dipping under 1:55 for a new PB.

100 breast? I’d like to see a 57 plus. I think he makes the podium, winning a bronze.

50 free? 21.3 and he’s bronze or just off the podium. (I see a fast 50m free final. Dressel dips under 21 seconds, 20.86, and he pulls two more swimmers along each posting 21.1 and 21.2.)

Mixed Medley Relay? Michael Andrew nets gold swimming in the prelim. Team USA switches the lineup in the final, going with King in the breast and Dressel in the Fly.

Medley relay? I don’t know. I think the U.K. wins, which SwimSwam Editor-in-Chief Braden backed up, and which I’ve already stated in our Olympic Games podcast preview (which drops Friday). SwimSwam Head of Production Coleman Hodges disagrees. He thinks Team USA wins back the gold after the 2019 World Championship loss.

BIG NOTE!  The only prediction I got right about Michael at U.S. Olympic Trials was his 50m free. See my US Trials predictions below:

  • 1:55.9 – 200 IM – for 2nd or 3rd  (was wrong, Michael was 1:55.26 for the win)
  • 50.5 – 100 fly for 2nd, 3rd or 4th (was way wrong, Michael didn’t swim it)
  • 21.4 – 50 free for 2nd or 3rd (was right…but so were a lot of commenters)
  • 58.3 – 100 breast and said he’d break the AR (was wrong, he was 58.1 twice)

So, who cares what I think. What do you think? Give me your best expert swimming analysis.

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This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of, a Swimming News website.

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Benjamin van der Wel
2 years ago

What interests me overall is how MA is adapting to being part of a team like the US Olympic squad. For so much of his life he’s been surrounded by a group where it is all about him almost all the time. Now he’s still a star but now among other stars. How will these interactions play out in his swimming? At 22 is he mature for his age, still maturing, or some combination of those and other things? His mental game surely is affected by these past few weeks. Will he be able to pull off Mel’s predictions? We’ll know soon enough!

Reply to  Benjamin van der Wel
2 years ago

I mean he’s been to pan pacs and world champs already. Probably similar

Reply to  Ragnar
2 years ago

And works short course. It’s not new to him to be on a team.

Benjamin van der Wel
Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
2 years ago

Oh, he’ll wow for sure! But a 54 wow? That is the question you’re shot into the world with a flaming arrow. 🙂

Dr. Shpeto
2 years ago

Michael Andrew will go:

57.91 100 breast
1:54.96 200 IM
21.32 50 free

Relay split 57.7-8


Adam peaty will go absolutely no where near 54 relay split lmfao. If he’s lucky 56 low. You good Mel?

Last edited 2 years ago by Dr. Shpeto
2 years ago

With or without COVID?

2 years ago

Who do you like for those 21.1-21.2 in the 50?

Bobo Gigi
2 years ago

I don’t care how fast he will swim. Times don’t matter at olympic games.
I’m much more interested to see if he can win the 200 IM and win a medal in the 50 free.

Michael Andrew vs. Covid
Reply to  Bobo Gigi
2 years ago

He will, hon.

2 years ago

My guess for M.A. for 200 I.M final he’d get the Gold by 1:54.83, 100 Breast I expect 57.98 and Probably 3rd or 4th position and for 50 Free 21.12 at the final again 2nd,3rd or 4th position….but of course those are just a few guesses, I admire his talent and follow his performance, most probably he will do even much better times than those I threw here. I wish him best of luck there. (I made very precise figures for the fun of it!)

Last edited 2 years ago by Fato
Coach Mike 1952
2 years ago

Must say this has been one of the liveliest & fun (many LOL’s here) comment sections at SwimSwam ever. And Bobo is back too. Thanks all.

Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
2 years ago

Mel asked me to lob him that softball in the first comment and then it was ON

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