House of Delegates to Vote on 24 Proposals on Saturday

On Saturday, September 29th, 2018, the USA Swimming House of Delegates will vote on  24 proposals that will amend various sections of USA Swimming’s rule book.

The House of Delegates voters are assigned by LSCs, with between 500 and 600 participating every year. Of those, 20% must be athletes. In addition there are a few national delegates who also receive a vote.

As always, some of the 2018 proposals are more administrative, while others will be felt more heavily at the local level. That includes a vote on a controversial rule outlawing technical racing suits for swimmers aged 12 & under, with a few exceptions for major meets. There is also a separate proposal that would allow an LSC to ban suits for 12 & unders once that LSC has adopted a policy via its House of Delegates.

Other Significant Changes that will be voted on:

  • To outlaw advertising of cannabinoids (marijuana products)
  • To prohibit the use of backstroke ledges for swimmers who have not been certified for racing starts.
  • To prohibit drones over venues any time athletes, coaches, officials, and/or spectators are present, with exceptions to be granted by the Program & Events Committee Chair.

There are also a number of proposals put forth by Jim Patterson from Central California Swimming that would alter the way by which clubs or groups of clubs, and entire LSCs, may merge. It would reduce the necessary 2/3 vote to a majority vote for a club to change LSCs or to redraw an LSC territory map. Patterson has also proposed a change to the manner in which entire LSCs can merge with adjacent LSCs.


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